Thursday, May 19, 2005

What about endorphins?

Today started off well.  I got up, got everyone going, didn't forget Ben's project, and even typed up a rough draft Nolan had written in the 10 minutes we had left before dropping them off at school. (I don't really need to say that this draft is something he 'forgot' to ask me to help out with last night, do I?)  So they were a little late--but everyone had their stuff, I'm not sweating a tardy slip.  And I didn't even raise my voice once.  (new a.m. record)

Mr W invited me to lunch, and I managed to jump in the shower, change the girl, let her go potty again before we left, while I threw the pup into his crate...and we were only 15 minutes late.  It was okay, because so was he.  I even scooted over to ASU after we were done to pick up a few nifty Sparky antenna balls. Nothing says "I love my school" more than having your mascot grace your vehicle with the antenna shoved up its butt.  (Maybe I should've gone with a bumper sticker.)  While I was there, I'd even parked at a meter and didn't bother to put change in it, and no one was the wiser. 

I should've known all this karmic goodness would come to an end sometime today.

It started when I decided to go in search of some pants I saw the other day, and should've just bought, but nooo, I'm a girl about it, I needed to shop around; and today, they were all gone.  Then, I realized that lunch was not going anywhere.  I was soooo full!  I decided to change into my running clothes, for comfort, and so that I could run as soon as we got home from aikido.  Gotta pay the piper, especially after I missed a couple of days...

I knew the run tonight was going to be hard, I just had a feeling about it, but I forced myself to go anyway.  I can do this.

No, I can't.   The last time I was that breathless, whispering out religious expressions, the ending was much more enjoyable than doubling over at the end of my block wishing for a stunt double.  It was truly craptacular, the degree to which I just, well, sucked.  To top it off, my iPod also decided that my performance was subpar, and halfway through my ordeal, I'm listening to Eric Clapton, and it stopped working.  I was almost more upset about that than I was with myself!  I think it just overheated and the battery was low, so it checked out for the night.  I was just standing over it, sprinkling it with holy water, a few minutes ago.  I think it's gonna be ok.

As for me, I don't know.  I realize not every run will be fantastic, but I'd really been excited lately because I'd made progress.  Not being able to duplicate the good run I had the other night just wrecked my "me" time.  I'm not shooting for the Olympics, people, but come on...a little jaunt around the neighborhood shouldn't be all that hard.  "You've given birth,"  I remind myself, "what's a few more feet?  another 30 seconds?  don't stop, don't stop, don't stop..."  and then I stopped.  Dammit. Where's my oxygen?  Where's my hot personal trainer?  Oops.  Sorry.  Endorphins can wreck havoc with my already overactive imagination.

I finally get everyone down for the night, and am messing with some pictures here on my computer, and the site I need is shut down.  WTF?  <eyeroll>  Of course it is.

Tomorrow, I'm hoping things will go smoothly.  I'm hauling my butt out of bed early to walk the dog, and stretch out my legs before the real fun begins.  Audrey has a dental appt, and she's getting a filling.  She'll be sedated for this, so I have to keep her from eating or drinking anything between now and then.  She is not above going to help herself in the kitchen, so I made her stay up late, hoping that she'll sleep until the last minute, and I can get her into the van without her drinking anything.  It's impossible to reason with a hungry/thirsty 3 yr old, so this could be interesting.

And I have to manage to get 'em all out the door on time, if not a little early, so we can make it to her appt without rushing.  LOL, I should just call ahead and let them know I'm running a bit late right off the bat, right?

Maybe if I have enough faith, karma will swing back in my favor.  I hope so, because with the exception of conjuring up a hot personal trainer, my bad showing tonight tells me my endorphins aren't going to be any help to me at all.



deniden said...

I can only imagine what I will be like when I return to running (whenever that will be) after getting my new girls and dealing with people who don't know you are supposed to stop at stop signs. I'll write about it after I do it so you don't feel so bad, lol.

I could not imagine having to deal with a 3 y/o who can't eat or drink because of the procedure. I was starvin like marvin and attempting to have some sort of self-control before my surgery and it was so difficult for me! LOL.


ksquester said...

I don't know HOW you do it.........shoot, I don't know how I did it!   Anne

suzypwr said...

I am guessing your run was so hard because you were still so full. It's much easier to run when your system is a little, uhm, less clogged. Don't blame yourself for a rough run. It happens. Your body was busy doing something and you interrupted it with trying to drain it's energy with running, and it just wasn't ready for that. I bet you find the next run will have you back to normal :)


nicurnmama said...

Back in the day when I did run....before I developed nagging hip pain that I am much too young for....I had good days, great days and on occasion, days like this day. Tomorrow is another day! Good luck to Miss Audrey! And good luck to mom. Reasoning with 3 y/o's is so much fun!

yaya1 said...


perkysgrl said...

I give you big props (lol) for running...

I need to run... Bad... But my body just doesn't like it...

I'm thinking I need to try it again, and see what happens??

Good luck with Audrey at the dental appoinment.

I know what you mean about them helping theirself in the kitchen!

I can't seem to get my little one out of there!


mum24boyz said...

At least you CAN run, think I would have a heart! Have never been a runner.. I can walk for miles at a pretty good pace, but not run.. no way. Hope your Ipod feels better!!
Robyn :)

madmanadhd said...

Karma has a way of swinging both ways, it'll come back. Keep at that running, those endorphins will come in handy. Working out sure has helped my writing and all things mental (some folks think I'm a tad mental but that's another tale eh). Kudos to your running, can't do it myself, seems to call up asthma for a visit every time. So do the bike or stepmaster.... "OH mighty master why must we commiserate to so often?" Glad you ipod is in a better mood, touching things eh?

Thanks for stopping by my place. Come again.