Thursday, May 19, 2005

From meanie to queenie

We made it out the door, and to the dentist in plenty of time this morning. 

Audrey was a good sport and let me take her in her pjs.  She took the little cup of sedative, and we hung out in the waiting first, she relaxed to the point of "wow, I need some of this for at home," but then she started getting irritable and crying for everything.  I held her and soothed her the best I could; I even stood with her in my arms and did the Mommy-sway, but by the time we went back, she was no longer a happy camper. 

You'd think a sedated child wouldn't be capable of a hissy fit.  

Not my sedated child.  She threw a hissy fit that actually was quite impressive, when I think about it.  I know if I'd taken a small shot glass of a Demerol/Vistaril(sp) combo, I'd be pretty cooperative.  She was not.  She wouldn't even lay in the dentist's chair unless we held her down.  They tried to put the nitrous on her nose, and she wasn't interested.  Fabulous.  Doc comes into the room, and we talk about my options at this point.  He said they could papoose her and be done with it in 15 minutes or so, but I was hesitant to do that because I don't want her to hate going to the dentist.  I know she'd remember, and hold a grudge like only a small fry can.  In spite of this, I decided to give it another shot. 

I talked to her, calmed her down, and we tried again, to more of the same, so I just threw in the towel.  Sometimes, being a Mom means you have to choose your battles, and this time, I chose to leave the field first.  Doc says we can just keep treating the cavity like we've been doing, and fill it either when she's big enough to cooperate, or in the case that it really starts causing her discomfort.  Or it falls out altogether, lol.

We head for home, and on the way, I call my friend Jenny so we could stop playing phone tag.  She was off today and I invited her to come along with us to our destination later in the morning...but first I had to go sign the boys out of school...and we'd meet her at the theater at 11.

The theater to watch Star Wars, that is.  I'd promised the boys way back that we'd skip school and go see it on the day it opened.  I almost weenied out of it too, b/c of the crowds and the idea of taking along the mood-swing toddler, but they wore me down.  

We were lucky enough to not have a huge crowd, arrive with good timing (got to feed them lunch in the mall first), and we got great seats!  Yay!

The movie is really good, and I won't say to much about it b/c I know people (with the exception of Kelly) may not have seen it yet.  Go.  It's worth it.  Yoda rocks, and who would've thought the dark side of the force could be that seexxaayy?

In the course of today, I've gone from meanie (Audrey probably thought so) to queenie (my boys thought I was the coolest Mom in the world, skipping school for Star Wars).  It's almost dinnertime, so I can feel the pendulum shifting back to meanie...hmm, maybe we'll just have to have pizza.

Because everyone knows that Queens don't cook. 


suzypwr said...

My child did the hissy dental fit too, at about age 3 or 4 when I took her the first time. All of a sudden, one evening on the way home after work in the car, about 6 months later, she said, "I am ready to go to the dentist now." I made her an appointment, and she was just fine. I guess they need to be ready. I hope Audrey does the same thing for you.


selizab07 said...

You let the kids skip school for star wars!!!???
You officialy hold the title for coolest mom!

deniden said...

I was the same way when I was little with the dentist - until they took me to a dentist that specializes in pediatrics. I don't know what it was (the 500 flavors of fluoride, the "treasure box" where you got the pick a toy out of at the end of the visit, or the games they had all over the office) but going to the dentist there was fun, not scary.

My dad always lets my sisters skip school to see the new Harry Potter movies when they come out.


mum24boyz said...

Robyn <~~~~ would skip school for Star Wars,!

ladeemelie said...

Believe it or not I have a fantastic dentist who filled a cavity on my 4-year-old without sedatives--dentist did the numbing with the needle thing--and my daughter actually thought it was fun. The woman is a freaking genius!!! Her thing is you don't tell them what's going to happen--only explain it as it happens. So, they don't get freaked.

madmanadhd said...

I hated the dentist as a child and was surprised I survived it considering I seemed in constant motion. My dentist just scared the crap outa me and then after my mum would take me to Woolworths and let me run the aisles, play in toy section and eat a HOT DOG grilled at the counter. Ohh what a delicious memory. Haven’t resurrected that one for awhile, thanks for the memory jog dearie.

Methinks there were many a classroom and workplace that were a tad light in the attendance department Thursday and Friday. You do rock... there is indeed life after, and before, school. Those are some of my fondest memories of school... when mom sprung me (like when I had to go to the dentist actually... funny how we came round to that again).Happy Saturday!

mom2kk11 said...

We didn't quite sign the girls out, but we did leave the minute they got off the bus! We really enjoyed it too.

Not sure I agree on the Han Solo thing though. Never been into Harrison Ford much.

Next time you try the dentist with Audrey, tell them to give you the little paper cup. It'll make the hissy fit much more fun. :)


jgrand1 said...

Dear "Meanie Queenie", sounds like you are a very smart mom.  You made the right choice not to "papoose" your child in the dentist's chair.  That probably would have been good for about 5 years of therapy.  I also agree that the "dark side" was looking disarmingly sexy in the new Star Wars' opus--the topic of my homework assignment if you'd like to read more.  May the "mommy force" continue to be with you!