Sunday, May 15, 2005

It's too early

I promised I wouldn't complain about this puppyhood thing.  But I'm sleep deprived this morning, so I'm weak. 

All I can say is, would it kill the little bugger to sleep past 5 a.m.?  And would it kill him to stay away from Shadow's crate, because once she's up, she's UP, thumping like mad and almost tipping the crate over?

Don't get me started on him barking at the cat.  [Yawn]

One more thing...and then I'll go back to cuddling his little supreme fat puppyness...Look, pup.  I put you outside and say the word 'potty' for a reason.  Why is it you can stay outside for 30 minutes, and only pee and poop within five minutes after I get you back in the door? 

[Yawn]  Only one thing I can do at this point.  It's my Saturday Six, on Sunday morning.  The sleep deprived, gotta-stay-up-so-no-one-gets-hurt, <sniff, sniff> oh-I-know-what-that-smell-is edition.

Saturday Six - Episode 57

 Picture from Hometown

1. How many scars do you have on your body?  Where are they?

I have the usual chicken pox scars, (cheek, leg, back of hand, etc.) and scars from falling off bikes (knees, elbow).  And then I have the scars I've earned during childbirth.  Yup, that c-section scar that I affectionately referred to as "the zipper" while I was pregnant is a winner; as is the scar that joined it from my hernia repair, again a parting gift from the pregnancies.  Ugly, true, but unavoidable, and not something anyone else sees in public anyway.  Pregnancy--the joy of watching your body become a road map.  (There's something you're not likely to see on a Hallmark card.) 

2. What is the last junk food you ate in such large quantity that you actually felt guilty afterwards?

Ahm, does a malted milk ball before 6:30 am count?  The one I just snuck earlier?  Let me think...I really like the Ghirardelli chocolate  bar that has caramel in it that I resist every time I go through the checkout at Target.  When I cave, and buy one, I have intentions of only eating a square at a the last time that I ate the whole thing, I felt a little pang of guilt, which I hate.  You know what you are sticking in your mouth, why feel guilty about it?  If it makes you feel that bad, why bother enjoying it in the first place?  (she says as she hides the telltale gold foil wrapper...) 

3. What is the closest spot to your home where you go when you feel like you need an afternoon escape?

Escape, oh, my favorite word, lol.   There is no escape for me in the afternoon, not with everyone coming back home again afterschool.  I'd say the mall, but that makes me sound like such a GIRL.  I guess my neighborhood, when I'm out walking the dog.  Preferably alone.  Or in a comfy spot with whatever book I'm currently reading.  I can pretend I'm the Czarina of Russia, reading my book, even if Audrey has just finished wiping her hands on my pants again, Nolan has retreated to his room, and Ben is arguing with Ryan over who would win in a fight. (Yu-gi or Ash?  A burning question!)

4. Of those in your collection, what movie have you watched the most times?

ToyStory2.  Really.  I'd say that it's the kid's fault, but that would only be partially true.   

5. Have you ever felt discriminated against?  What about you do you believe led to the discrimination?

"But why can't I play Little League, Dad?"  "Because you're a girl." 

"I'd like to grow up and fly planes and be an astronaut." "You can't fly jets, mija, because you are a girl." (okay, and I can't see for shit, but that's not the point here)

'Because you are a girl' colored my life not only because girls weren't allowed to do a lot of things, and certainly my generation didn't have it nearly as badly as those before us, but also because I'm a HISPANIC girl, and in my very traditional upbringing, being a girl precludes you from doing just about anything that doesn't involve taking care of everyone else first.  (although, when it came to education, my parents were very modern, and encouraged me tons there.)  God forbid you want to do anything that involves exercise (potential to endanger your precious female parts) or interaction with the opposite sex (potential to endanger your precious female parts).  Or the sun, for that matter (oh, there was to be no chance to mar the skin with a ...tan.  but I made up for that later-) **

Anyone that thinks that we're enlightened in this day and age about being discriminated against for being a woman is not really paying attention.  It's more subtle now, but it's still there.  I didn't get a job once because my pregnancy was showing.  Oh, I'm sure if I called them on it, that wouldn't have been the official reason, but it was. 

As far as discrimination for being non-Caucasian, well, that too is alive and well in some parts of the country, make no mistake about it.  I've experienced it in the South, when I was almost denied the use of the bathroom in a business until they realized I was there with my FIL, a man as Southern and Caucasian as you can get.  Even here, in the Southwest, where I feel like sometimes I'm in the majority, I get comments like "Oh, I didn't know you were Mexican...but you don't speak with an accent!"  Mild?  Yeah.  Mildy annoying.  I don't think I've lost any jobs over being Hispanic, if anything, it's been a plus to be conversant in Spanish here, but well, it's hard to describe.  Subtle, like a bad taste in your mouth that you can't put your finger on or get rid of, out there in the atmosphere ofthe city I live in; just something I live with.  I think I notice it more depending on who I'm with, for example, going out with my Dad is a different experience sometimes from going out with Mr W.  We might go to the same place, but be treated differently.  That kind of subtle.

6. RAPID FIRE QUESTION #3:  Have you ever hired a:
   a. Maid 
    b. Lawyer no
    c. Chauffer no
    d. Plumber not yet (crossing my fingers)
    e. Photographer yes, our wedding
    f. Realtor sort of
    g. Gardener does landscaper count?  Yes
    h. Personal Trainer no
    i. Psychic/Spirtual Advisor no
    j. Mortician indirectly, yes

**I was thinking about this all day. I did eventually get to do some things, like play softball, instead of little league, and participate in high school sports like volleyball and track, but I think only because my Mom chose to buck the system of the paternal grandparents that lived with us.  She knew they probably wouldn't approve, but let me do it anyway.  By the time I was in high school, our small town was experiencing an economic slowdown that made my Dad seek work out of town, so he wasn't around to protest and was coming around anyway so he might not have objected at all.   Ok, my brain hurts now~~

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