Friday, May 27, 2005

Random not so deep thoughts

A few ponderings--

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise?  I just saw a picture of them on the 'welcome' screen, and I suddenly feel so...OLD.  He seems a bit obnoxious about the whole affair, but I guess dating a beautiful girl 16 yrs your junior will bring out the tiger in any man, even if it is the still-gots-it Tom Cruise.

And can I just say, that right now, I think she's a pretty lucky girl.  For crying out loud, she just made a little Batman movie, with Christian Bale in the batsuit, Liam Neeson, and the fantastic Morgan Freeman; I saw the preview--wow.  AND she's dating Tom Cruise?  AND she's adorable?  (Somebody, quick, hand me the botox and send over the extreme makeover team...ha!) 

I'm bad when it comes to Batman--lol, Audrey and I were in Barnes & Noble, in the kids section, where they had picture books of the story with stills from the movie in them...and I had to thumb thru them.  Over and over again.  Mr W calls me in the middle of my ogling, so I joked with him, after I explained where and what I was doing: "if I bought these books for the kids, it's not like I'm really looking at them, is it?"  He has the grace to indulge his wife, and just chuckle.  He'll save the merciless teasing for later.

Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka?  I'm intrigued and perturbed about this.  I think he's a good actor, but I don't know...will I be sitting there looking for Gene Wilder? 

The new Coldplay CD will be released June 7th, I believe.  I'm looking forward to it....every time I hear Chris Martin sing 'honey, honey' in a lyric, I lose my train of thought.  What can I say, I dig the voice.

While I was at B & N, someplace that is completely dangerously too close to us now, I decided to reserve the new Harry Potter.  Nolan and I love these books.  I teased him that this time we would get two copies, because I read fast, but we still fight over who gets to go first between Nolan, me, and Mr W.  I may even Harry-it-up this time, and go get it at midnight the day they start selling it, I feel so strongly about it.  I was admittedly a bit disappointed in the last book, so I'm hoping I get some answers in the new one. 

Did I mention Batman? :D


womandriver2 said...

I laughed at your Tom comment about feeling old.  When I seen the clip about Oprah and it said Tom @ 42 may have met the love of his life I said " 42!"  I know I'm old if Tom Cruise is 42! LOL

Like, 42 is ancient... bet my 42 year old hubby wouldn't like this comment huh?

suzypwr said...

I love Batman too. I think it's great that you have introduced your children to reading books on a regular basis.


nicurnmama said...

so much to look forward to this summer! I say go to the midnight sale....Zoë and I will be there.

jcgeorgiabeans said...

Ugh...I can't stand Tom Cruise!  But that's just me, I'm sure.  I never got into the Batman movies, although, I thought George Clooney filled out the suit quite nicely.  Too bad that one stunk.  LOL  ~Peachy

tdain2003 said...

Great entry!  Tom Cruise sure is making his way around Tinsel Town with the most beautiful women out there, huh?  I used to like him but now I'm not too sure.

ugghhh with the Harry it up joke ; )

Christian Bale... yum!

Coldplay and Chris Martin.... even yummier : )