Monday, May 9, 2005


Had a feeling as I typed these words:

"Probably just a little bug that'll hopefully pass quickly and exclusively through her."

that I was just tempting the sickness gods...and I was not proven wrong.

My Mother's Day started with several trips to the bathroom in the wee hours of the morning.  I fought it for as long as I could, then proceeded to just hurl, hoping the entire time that I wouldn't turn around and find an audience of wide-eyed bedheads freaking out: "Mommy, what's that noise?" 

Thankfully, when the door opened, it was just Mr W, handing me a wet washcloth, making sure I was ok, and then beating a hasty retreat.  He doesn't do well with us when we're hurling, and I'd much rather he leave than join me, so I was shooing him away as he left. 

Happy Mother's Day to me, I thought, as I seriously contemplated just laying there on the floor of the bathroom and waiting it out. 

I finally went to bed when I was convinced all was safe again, and got to sleep late.  I never even heard the house stirring around me; Mr W handled the dogs, and the kids slept in a bit too.

I managed to get up and wander into the family room where I was greeted with hugs and happy faces.  They were excited to give me the things they'd made in school.  Ben said he forgot his in his desk, so he wrote me the cutest letter: 

Dear Mom,

Happy Mother Day.  I am glad you are my mother.  Her favorite color is purple.  Her favorite show is House.  This is my Mom. (picture of a smiling face with crazy hair) love Ben to Mom

Ryan had a few things:  a handprint and poem (Here is my hand, so tiny and small, To put somewhere on the wall, And watch it as the days go by, To see how it grows, My hand and I.)

A sheet with My Mom is Special written on it, with things like: "I  like it when my Mom..." (bakes cookies for me); "I think she's best at..." (hugging me); "My Mom is as pretty as..." (a butterfly); and this, my favorite, "My Mom is smart!  She even knows..." (how to cook). [thank goodness I went to college, or he'd starve, lol] He also brought me home a pencil holder, made out of a juice can.  Who can't use one of those?  Very cute. 

Nolan hugged me very tightly, but I don't think the 5th graders are big on the Mom-crafts, because he didn't have anything, which is fine.  Audrey dictated a note to Ben, and scribbled on the page too, because she just can't be left out.

Later, we decided to go to my Mom's house.  I was feeling a bit better, so I figured why not? 

Unfortunately, Nolan wasn't feeling like himself.  And he realized it too late, and didn't quite make it to the bathroom.   "Sorry, Mom,"  I said to her as we cleaned up the mess.  She took it in stride. "No big deal," she said, as she brought me cleaning supplies.

My Mom is the best at not making a big deal about the things that are uncontrollable.  Spills, stains, accidental breakages--she's never makes you feel bad, she just helps you clean it up and moves on.

I feel sometimes that this trait of hers, along with a patient streak that I can only hope to match, is her best gift to me.  There are so many things in life that are uncontrollable, knowing how to clean 'em up and move on is invaluable. 

Thanks, Mom.

[I hope all the Moms out there had a great Mother's Day.  As far as the bug making its way through our house, we're at 50:50.  I figure we can handle it as long as both grown ups don't go down at once!]



jcgeorgiapeach said...

Awww, I'm so sorry you didn't feel good on Mother's Day.  Hurling sucks!  My hubs is the same way...a washcloth, a bucket and a glass of water is about all he can muster if there's a puker in the house.  At least he does something!  Hope the little one feels better soon!  ~Peachy

inafrnz247 said...

I hope you and yours are feeling better today...I agree about the 5th graders not doing much for holidays.  My daughter's class didn't, so she took some time to do some beautiful, crafty gifts with her little sis.  How sweet!!  Dad took them out to get chocolate and flowers.  I was very pleased and full of love for them all!  Love your journal!

jen73169 said...

My daughter did that same mom is special sheet last year in 1st grade. She put "My mom is best at - getting a suntan" !! LOL

suzypwr said...

Didn't you guys just get over being sick? Feel better!!

mom2kk11 said...

Oh no! Not a fun Mother's Day. You guys are having a nasty few months. I thought warmer climates made for less illness? You see, living in Canada DOES make your hardier. LOL!

Happy Belated Mother's Day to one of my favourite Mommies!