Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I'm still here

I threw out my back.

I wish I could say I did it doing something fun, like trying that butterfly-upside-down-lotus-under-the-chandlelier Kama Sutra maneuver; or that I jumped over the barrier in left field and ran to pinch Gonzo's backside during Friday night's Diamondbacks game, getting injured in the ensuing security scuffle, but alas, I can't. 

Somewhere between attending the game on Friday night, and going to work on Saturday morning, I tweaked it.  I felt the not-so-pleasant twinge as I got ready for work, but went in anyway, trooper that I am.  I didn't last long.

I spent most of Saturday laid out on my Mom's recliner, making friends with her heating pad and a fantastic little pill she gave me.  She took care of the kids that were with me (Audrey and Nolan) and took care of me too.  Ahh, nothing like a little Mom-TLC.  Where was my loving husband during all this?  Mr W went to the ASU baseball game with the rest of the crew....because it was the last homestand of the season,  not because I was a raving, unpleasant bitch; and that's the story he's sticking to.  ;p

I forgave him for leaving me in the capable hands of my Mom because he remembered that he didn't use all his pain medication, and brought me one.  Wow.  I'm sure I would've felt better, if only I'd been able to stay awake.  It was like the pharmaceutical version of a tranquilizer dart, and for that, I'm certain everyone was grateful. 

In spite of still feeling some discomfort, I managed to go in to work on Sun and Mon too.  This morning, the only complaint I have is some soreness and stiffness that I'm sure will fade as the day goes on...at least I hope it does.

I want to get caught up on my reading, and need to be able to sit here.  Without medication.  

I can only imagine what comments I might make should I take anything stronger than Motrin. 


perkysgrl said...

Eww, no fun...

I hope your back feels better soon!!!

Its always nice to have your mom take care of you like you were little again...

Aww.... Makes me want to 'get a cold' and have my mom take care of me :)


Feel better soon!


deniden said...

I've got the Denielle Drug Pharmacy going on over here, if you need anything (thanks to the girls and the driver who likes to run stop signs.) *wink wink*


suzypwr said...

Will your mom fix my neck/shoulder too?? I hope you feel better soon. Was it Flexeril? I have about 100 of those!


tdain2003 said...

Grease IS the word!  
Hope you're feeling better soon,

jevanslink said...

What? You mean you AREN'T on medication usually? Not even a coupla drags o' Pamprin? Most people who read my journal need a prescription just to click on the link.  Mrs. L

mom2kk11 said...

Okay, I'll give you sympathy, but you have to SHARE your narcotics!  Okay, just kidding.

I'm glad your Mommy took care of you. Now, Mr W better be doing it!