Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Do you know the muffin man?

My munchkin is up waayy too late.  She's just padded up here, and selected "pink, I want pink" for me to use in this entry.  And here she sits, curled up in my lap.  Excuse the typos.

I think Nolan hacking away woke her.  Sigh.

Tomorrow is the last day of school.  You know what that means...

Classroom parties....pizza, movies....and cupcakes.

Lots and lots of cupcakes.  Around 4 dozen cupcakes, to be exact.

It looks like a bakery exploded on my kitchen table.  

Ben wanted to take some to school to celebrate not only his last day, but his birthday.  He requested chocolate cupcakes with white frosting.   The sprinkles?  Well, I threw them in for free.

Of course, Ryan was on to me..."What's that?  Cupcakes?  For me?"  "No, sweetie, these are for Ben's class."  "OOO!  Can I take some to my class too?"  "Okay."  He requested white cupcakes with white frosting....and I threw sprinkles in for him, too.  Maybe I'll charge him a hug, though.  Can't always give the extras away for free.

And my big kid?  Suddenly too big for cupcakes.  Sigh.  "You know I don't like cake, Mom."  Who is this child?  Not like cake?  Can he really be one of mine??

Meanwhile, I'm fighting off the little helper, who thinks that the cupcakes are all for her.  "MMMmm, Mommy.  I taste??"  She's not happy to hear me say, "No."  I explain to her that they are for school.  She makes up a story about how I will need to make her cupcakes for her "ballerina school." (she doesn't attend)  "Sure, sweetie.  Please take your finger out of the batter."  I'm getting a tummyache just watching her, and I've not even started frosting yet.  Ouch.  Is that a tooth?

There's a reason I will endure the odd looks I get at the checkout when I stock up on the cake mix and frosting when it's on sale.  In this  respect, I am beyond Boy Scout, I'm so prepared.  I even have extra little paper liners in the pantry too.   You never know when a cupcake emergency will hit.  I've discovered giving up a bit of shelf space for this is well worth it, because devoted baker that I am, I'm still not baking cupcakes from scratch for the small fry.  Have you seen what happens to cupcakes with them?  They eat the frosting.  They throw out the cake.  Oh, the carnage of little cakes in the trash cans!  Oh, the frosting all over faces, as the kids get sugared up in time to go home!

Betty Crocker, you are a friend of mine.

Aww.  Munchkin is down for the count.

She'll be happy when she wakes up to see that I saved her a couple of the extra cupcakes.  With sprinkles, of course.   


rampage841512 said...

I remember the last day of school when I was little.  It was always a big party.  I loved it.  Now that I'm in college the party is always at home, but still fun.


mum24boyz said...

rofl!! I'm right there with ya... I stock up on plenty of cake mixes and frosting, too when they are on sale...lol!  I still have a few weeks left until no more school..can't wait!!!!!!!!!

Robyn :)

suzypwr said...

I will be watching for a small package in the mail to arrive. Approximately the size of a few cupcakes?


ksquester said...

Although I do not comment everytime, I read your every entry. You bring back the good memories I had with growing little boys. I love your humor. I found myself asking my husband if he thought the house smelled of ass. (LOL...dog ass) Anyway, I too, used to make cupcakes for the kids at school and still have the tole platter that I put them on with my son's name taped to the bottom. The one reason I love your blog is that you don't glorify the realness of family life. You do the best you can and love your family, but you realize it isn't perfect, just real!  Anne