Monday, May 23, 2005

Treat pusher

Last week, on Thursday or so, I bought the dogs some food, and a box of bones.

I don't give them treats ALL the time.  Okay, I do spoil them at least once a day.  They're wonderdog and superpup, I can't help it.

Apparently, neither can Audrey.  I busted her with some in her hands on Friday.  I scolded her, because while it is cute that she doles out the goodies, I don't like her doing it, especially unsupervised.  A dog, no matter how good natured, is still a dog, and the potential for injury is there, so I usually take care of it or I'm standing right there when she does it.   Responsible Mom, or so I thought.

Last night, I'm in the pantry, straightening up.  It's bad enough that I overstock (a necessary evil with the bottomless-pit-stomachs I live with), but it's worse that I often find things put away that are in essence, empty, but the kids don't toss it out.   I mean, if there are 10 chip crumbs in the bottom of a family-size bag, don't you think they'd see that that's probably not something the next person will find enjoyable?  That less-than-a-bowlful of cereal could probably find a new home, and not just waste space in a big box?  Of course not.  Hence the clean-up I do when I think of it every few days.

I pick up the box of dog treats, and whoosh, it's very light.  I turn around to Mr W, and say, "Well.  I guess I know now why the dogs were so happily following your daughter around.  I bought this on Thursday, and usually it lasts a week or two, if not more, and look:  empty."

She's a total sneak, I didn't see her do it.  I think that she was feeding them through the gap at the bottom of the screen door into the backyard, and/or putting a bunch of them down on the ground and letting them have at it.  It would explain why they haven't been eating as much lately.  It's not just the heat we've been experiencing these last few days, like I thought it was.

It's the little dog bone pusher.


robinngabster said...

Too funny!!!

deniden said...

That is SUCH a cute picture.


gabreaelinfo said...

Funny! She is too cute!


suzypwr said...

Sounds like your dogs are going to need to run with you for a while! And doggie treats need to be kept out of reach of little fingers! My dogs sometimes get cheerios as a treat - multiple treats are still not fattening that way. Maybe Audrey can feed them a handful of Cheerios (the leftover less than a bowl ones) to the dogs, one at a time, and get her treat fix covered.


perkysgrl said...

What a little angel...

She reminds me of my daughter...

Something like, 'Her halo is being held up by her horns" fits really well :D

The dogs will love her for forever!!!!

Just put the treats up higher, maybe that will help??

But if Audrey is anything like my little one, she'll find a way- a stool or chair- to

get up there and get them... lol