Friday, May 6, 2005

Ms Petite Unique

I was out running errands today (big surprise).  I needed to hit more than one store in the same area, so I parked closest to the one I'd planned on going in last, and decided to let the little miss walk instead of ride.  Anything to help her get her exercise (and get her primed for a nap).  "I walk, but you hold my hand," she said when we set off.

We're walking along, and she's intrigued by all the bugs we encounter on our way to the new Barnes and Noble.  Gross, nasty, dying black beetles, every few steps; and my girlie girl must pause over every one of them, as though she's about to sprinkle some holy water on them and say a few words.  Granted, the words she's saying are "ewww" and "buggie", but to her, it's important, and I am just along for the ride.   Besides, it's nice when a two minute walk stretches to ten minutes of the bug death watch and I am simply grateful that she has no desire to perform mercy killings by stepping on them.   I have no desire to hear 'crunch' noises like that, ever.

'Whatever it takes' is my motto when traveling with the whims of a toddler.  If it takes longer to get from point A to point B and there is no tantrum involved; then no harm, no foul, count yourself up one for that moment.  (Cause you know the tables could turn on you at any second.)

Finally, we reached the promised Barnes and Noble land.  I need to pick up a book Nolan asked me for, and of course, inhale deeply and often the scent of newly printed books.  After I eyeball the stationery.  And the cute bookmarks.  Do I need some coffee?  Isn't that the new Sue Monk Kidd book?  Why am I here again?  Ugh, where did she go??

I'm at the table in the center of the aisle that is all things Star Wars.  She is underneath it, peeking out and smiling at me.

Okay, Mom, time's up.  Come and play another day, but for now, tend to the matter at hand.  "Let's go to the kid section,"  I tell her, as I contemplate crawling under the table with her (nah, not a good idea).  I hold out my hand as she comes out on her own, and send her packing in the right direction. 

I had a bit of trouble locating Nolan's book, but I did find it eventually.  I was so dazzled by the section in general, and the fact that it was deserted (woohoo), that I let her browse alongside me.  She'd take books out, hold them up, and announce who they were for; run up to the little stage area, where she became enchanted with the bright green little Adirondack chairs "I like these"; and sat at one of the pint-sized tables to look at a puppy (of course) touch-and-feel picture book.  I had a lot to do, and was plotting my exit strategy, when she solved it for me by bringing me a book.  "I take this home?"  she asked.

We are in a section inundated with Pretty Pony, and Dora the Explorer.  We'd just walked by a rack of girly books.  Cute stuffed animals (I have to have an Olivia for myself--gosh, I love that little pig story by Ian Falconer) and board books galore are all around us...and what does my little princess pick out?

A book, a non-fiction one at that, about tigers, of all things.  Guess that zoo trip stuck with her more than I thought.

I dig that!  I love it that she's so unique, so, so...Audrey.

Some little girls like dolls.  Tea sets.  Staying clean.

My little girl likes getting dirty.  Roughhousing.   Bugs and tigers.

But she likes it in a dress with matching shoes, of course.

Oh, I think I can live with that.


armandt said...

You made the list...


~ Armand

ediedor said...

IT's an amazing feat- to be able to raise a girl that's CONFIDENT in her own skin; to be comfortable w/ being a beauty and a tom-boy (I HATE that term...but for lack of a better description).  
My daughter Eden is JUST how you described Audrey.
Good for you!  

beckieramos said...

how sweet! I loved it when my girls were little. They are 19 and 12 now. They were so much fun to dress and play with. They frow so fast! Enjoy her! God bless, Beckie

auburndawn said...

Congratulations on being one of the editors picks!  :)  
I have never had any little girls myself, (my step daughter was 14 when I came along) but I am sure if I had one she'd be a tom-boy.  Dirty, rough, wild, and stubborn.  Like her mum.  ;)

Enjoyed your Journal!

shelt28 said...

Congratulations on being an Editor's Pick.

Happy Mother's Day!


bbjoey1 said...

Congrats on being #1 this week!

mom2kk11 said...

Ha! I knew you were the "book sniffer" type!!

You humped the shelves, didn't you?


kissofvanity said...

Love the title of your journal!  Congrats on being an Editor's Pick.

Ana  ((0.~))

gabreaelinfo said...

Congrats on making the Editors Pick! I only have one son, but my neices OMG so demanding when they were small.


mrspibbs said...

Wonderful!   Enjoyed reading it.  My daughter is 2-1/2, and you've captured the toddler phase of motherhood philosophy perfectly.  Again, wonderful!

jcole16757 said...

Great read, congrats on making Editor's top picks! :)

ajsproudparents said...

Great J~ Congrats on the top pick! Iam right under you at My Fairytale! Come see me!
Ill be back, and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

suzypwr said...

Congrats :)
I think you should have named her Lisa, because that sounds like my daughter to a T! Does she steal your mascara yet to put it on the dogs?

sunnyside46 said...

the best times are walking with a toddler's hand in yours. Everything is an adventure

kp722 said...

I saw your journal title on the "top picks".  I don't usually read them, but the title caught me eye, because its something I told a friend just a few days ago about my own life.  I had started my own journal under screen name, MRS4PITTMANS, but I never have time to write it.  I only have two children ages 2 1/2 and 5 months..  My daughter sounds a lot like yours.  How do you do it????  Happy Mothers Day by the way.  I also stopped writing my journal because I figured, who would read that crap. But I know I'm not alone now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was interested in yours.  The title was "baby blues" i think.  I'm pretty sure now there might a few other moms that can relate.  Ok, I've wasted enough of your time.
See Ya.