Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Little mommy

Wow, Max doesn't stand a chance.

Audrey has decided he's her charge, and will carry him around (well, he really CAN'T be forced to walk, can he?  Mean Mommy for suggesting that).  She wants to help do everything for him (even cleaning up his um, messes in the house, eww, I asked her to just come get me instead), and is in the process of love, love, loving him to death like only a toddler can.  I actually have to protect Max from her. 

This morning, she announced that "Max can't go outside."  That's what you think, sister, I thought to myself as I let him out for some potty time. 

What did she do?  She put on her shoes and went outside too.

Right now, she disappeared.  Shadow is running around in the house, and it dawned on me that Audrey and Max were missing.  Seconds later, she came down the hall, pillow and a towel in hand.  "Max is sleeping on your bed, Mommy.  I make him take nap."  Great.  Get another being used to Mommy's bed.  The more the merrier, right?

I'm just glad that she's caregiving in a nice, gentle way, and not a mean, scoldy one.  Because she is such a mimic, if she was meaner to him, I'd have to question my parenting skills! 

She's not tried to bathe him yet either, and for that I can only be grateful.   I'm hiding his doggie shampoo just in case.

I will draw the line, however, if she starts trying to dress him!

Nolan is in the kitchen right now, I put him to work emptying the dishwasher.  My goodness, what was I thinking, overlooking the fact that he can reach all the cupboards and knows where most of the stuff goes?  OY, tap your resources, woman!  If having four kids around doesn't get you extra help around the house, you only have yourself to blame! :p  While the one that always says "I do it" may not be the best qualified for the job, at least she's willing and does it with a smile.  "I big girl," she said with pride the last time I handed her a paper towel and water bottle.

Of course, she used the water bottle on her brothers....but she was cleaning something, nonetheless.

Who can't be grateful for that?


pixiedustnme said...

I'm betting it won't be too long until you are buying little shirts for him.....just make sure to post a picture when you do ;-)

suzypwr said...

What a sweet little girl. And where else should dogs sleep?

screaminremo303 said...

Feel free to use the "Ian Does It" phrase-that-pays. The dishwasher, cat box, Buddy bombs, mailbox, and others have all been added to his list recently. It's part of our new tough-love policy.

Did I say Tough Love? I meant Tough Shit.

slyracing1 said...

The way you write it... it takes me back to Candice and frree friiis [french fries] or when the boys tried to help and Lysol-ed my formal dining room table!  If you ever want any ideas how I did it let me know... Thursday's are for cleaning in this house and it's amazing how no one goes or does anything on Friday till thier chores are done!  I do my room too!!!!  So nice it gets done for the weekend!
LOVE your stories!

Hugs, Kendra

perkysgrl said...

Just too cute! You have a Happy-Helperton like we do :)  Rowan just loves to take charge.  And I've gotta say, I love the way you write...

crtfuentes said...

i like your journal, it has a lot in it that i like. really good. keep up the good work.