Sunday, May 15, 2005

Can't sit still

Recently, one day last week, I noticed that I was standing while everyone else sat and chatted.  Oh, I was talking too, but I realized that day that I don't sit down much.  With the exception of my online activities, I stand or walk around.  Alot.  I should be the size of this 'l' as much as I move around, but that's another story. :)

Chasing the little ones down, keeping an eye on the pup, forgetting why I went from point A to point B and backtracking, going out the door, coming home--it all takes its toll, I guess.

I was sitting at my Mom's yesterday afternoon, in her giant 1 and 1/2 chair, Ben at my side.  We were watching 'Shrek2' of all things (lol).  I woke up in time for the credits, Ben long gone, to the feeling of little eyes watching me.  "Shh."  Audrey says. "Mommy sleeping,"  I hear her tell my Mom. 

All this time I thought it was the magic in Mr W's recliner that knocks me out at will, when really, it's just the magic of being in one spot long enough to close my eyes.  I told him so yesterday, that if I'm sitting still, I'm asleep in minutes, and he agrees.  In the van, while he's driving, of course, I can't make it the 40 minutes or so to my Mom's without catching a cat nap.   Embarrassing as it is, on Friday at work, I caught myself fighting off sleep again.  I should've gone home when I bumped my nose on my scope, but I opted for coffee instead.  It's relatively quiet there.  I'm in one place for quite some time.  No kids clamoring for whatever.  Magic, and zzzzz. Thank goodness for caffeine, because not even rousing music was doing the trick.

Right now, I'm hoping for Mr W to wake up so I can take a nap. 

After nearly witnessing the circle of life take place when Shadow nearly caught EG in the hallway right now, and I grabbed her to give the cat time to escape, I think I deserve one.

But I'm not likely to get it unless I sit down.  A minute or two should do it, [yawn] I thizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


inafrnz247 said...

>definetely relating<  

suzypwr said...

I can relate to the feeling of being tired, but not to the actually sleeping part. It must be nice!

jolie424 said...

Sure sounds like you have a lot going on in your life, I hope you get a nap in today, it sure sounds like you deserve it!


pixiedustnme said...

oh i got a really great nap in this afternoon thanx to Kim Possible "So the Drama"  and it was well deserved let me tell you!

slyracing1 said...

OMG I stand a lot too! Do you also do million things with stuff in your hands? I think it is because we get use to a baby in one arm and doing things with the other!
Hugs, Kendra