Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Curse of the low rise

I've been shopping, and there's been some trauma.  Pant trauma.  For whatever reason, there is a preponderance of butt-crack pants out there.  Low-rise, I believe, is the official term.  A drag, in and of itself, because, frankly, no one needs to see that much of my hienie, unless I'm getting paid for it, which is very, very, unlikely.  More power to the girls that can pull that off, but I'm not one of them.

The other problem that I'm having with pants-shopping right now, and the other women who experience this will understand, is the problem where yes, they fit the around the butt, but nooo, you could fit two entire hands and a purse down the back of them because they are too big in the waist.  Man, it's a blessing and a curse to have that kind of curve going on in the difference in slope, I guess, from your behind's summit to the part where your lower back meets it.  (and no, a belt won't help, cuz the fabric bunches one way, the belt goes another, and crap, there's a whole new set of problems) 

['Foiled again!' I'm thinking.  'Mwahahahaha!' replies my ass.  Just when I thought we were gonna be friends again thanks to the running, the bitch decides to still have it in for me.]

I'm not alone, there were these ladies going on about it in the dressing rooms too, and I piped in, because I couldn't help it, they were talking about the same issue of butt-crack pants, ok, in Spanish, but still--finding someone else that day having the same issue was a relief.  Dressing room bonding--something you'd never see the guys do. 

It got me to thinking about the perfect pants.  They fit four very differently shaped girls, making them all look great, like magic.

I encountered them in the book by Ann Brashares, "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants."   I really liked this book, and the two others that follow it.  The pants do have magic, and it would be nice to encounter them somewhere in real life, lol.

I'm very excited that this book was made into a movie, and the movie opens next week.  Although it seems that everytime a book gets made into a movie, you take your chances, I'm willing to be optimistic with this one.

Much more optimistic than I am about finding perfect pants to call my own.

And now, good night. :)


deniden said...

My problem is my thighs - I've got some thickness going on there and in my behind (which I LOVE), but my waist is tiny. So, when I find a pair of pants that make it around my thighs and my butt, the waist is HUGE. What the crap.


suzypwr said...

I always have that huge gap in the back too. I have to wear longer tops. I have to wear them anyway, to cover up my bum hanging out of the lower cut jeans. I have always had a smaller waist. I guess I would rather that than have the waist be too tight. I don't mind the low rise, but when they are cut so the bum is way lower yet, I feel like my pants are falling off. I don't want to bend down and have my crack show, and I honestly am tired of looking at other women's cracks. It is just something that belongs at home. What are the styles going to show off next? What is left? Crotchless jeans? Some are so low now that girls have to shave to wear them. I guess the only thing left to do is start covering something up. OK, call me old, but I am tired of girls with their cracks showing and guys with the crotch of their pants at their knees. How can that be comfy??


jevanslink said...

Would everyone please shuddup about their tiny waists, please? Thank you.  Mrs. L

mombzbe said...

Mrs L--In my case, not tiny, just smaller in comparison to the caboose, lol.

selizab07 said...

AMEN to that sista! I can't find a pair of pants where my butt doesn't hang out to save my life! I've come pretty close though! Old Navy makes different jeans with different rise levels. My favorite are the 'just below waist'. They are cut to fall just below your belly button. They do have a small pouch in the back but your butt won't hang out nearly as much as with all the other brands! Try 'em, you'll love 'em.

jcgeorgiabeans said...

I am noticing that I am filling out everywhere..including the waist.  I've become an apple.  Ick.  

However, I resisted low-rise jeans forever and a day and finally caved in last year.  I own five pair and I wouldn't wear the high waisted ones again if you paid me...unless of course it was a significant sum of money.  Oh yeah, I can be bought.  ~Peachy