Wednesday, June 1, 2005

She's gonna make a run for it.....

This morning, I was thinking I was on top of things. I got up, and got to shower before the kids woke up.  Took the big kids to school, and delivered Ben's cupcakes.  Cool.  Smooth sailing.

Ryan getting set to go--no problem.  I remembered his cupcakes, the big boys yearbooks (they forgot them), and that I had to take money to the lunchroom so Ryan could eat today (big kids having pizza parties in their classrooms).  Whew.  I'm on a roll!

We go to pick up the little girl down the street to take her to school, and her Mom says to me:  "What time is the singing?"

"Singing? What singing?"

"You know, for the Kindergarten Star Day,"  Ryan and Yarely both say at the same time.

AAAAAAAAAAACCKKKKK!  Holy Crap!  I forgot!

I forgot that the kindies have their graduation today.  Here I was, thinking I'd drop them off for their last day, and putz around the house, not returning until pickup time.  What kind of Mom forgets her son's kindergarten graduation?  Obviously, Ryan is not my first child.  (The first child gets balloons, and cake, and grandparents, and video cameras, people shouting "look over here" as flashbulbs pop....and it goes downhill from there, doesn't it?)  Hell, by the time Audrey makes it to school, she'll be driving herself, because her Mom won't be able to be bothered.  Bad Mom!!!

I believe that if I didn't show up today at 1 pm, Ryan would never forgive me.  I imagine him signing me into the nursing home, telling them, "Yeah, she could've lived with me, but did I ever tell you how she missed my Kindergarten graduation?"

Hurriedly, I call Mr W.  "Ok.  It's official.  I have too many kids, and not enough brain."  I explain the situation to him, and it looks like he can come too.

Honestly, I've been so focused on getting everything else done, in anticipation of the last day of school,  Ben's birthday, Ryan's aikido test tonight, and our upcoming trip, that I missed this little, important, detail.

In my defense, I didn't actually miss it, I am going to make it and I will be teary, teary, teary.  I saw part of the morning program when I went to the lunchroom.  Louis Armstrong's "It's a Wonderful (?beautiful, I forget) World" was playing to a slide show of all their little selves.  Oy.  I'm verklempt just thinking about it.

Hopefully I will remember the Kleenex.  And my camera, which thankfully, remarkably, has film in it.

And the runner is SAFE at home!!


deniden said...

Awww... kindergarten graduation... you better take some pics! ;)


nicurnmama said...

You didn't forget....technically..... You just remembered with little time to spare. Now put on your supermom cape and get over to the graduation....don't forget to take lots of pics too!
Congratulations Ryan!!!

suzypwr said...

Let Audrey walk to school when she is ready - better exercise!

I think you are getting old enough to need a big calendar to write all this down on. Take a wall, and divide it into 31 squares....I am still waiting for my cupcake.

Have fun, and don't forget the pics!