Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Young love

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I have a really old friend that lives in Kentucky now with her husband and daughter.  They come out to visit about once a year, and her daughter is just younger than my oldest son.  The last time they were here, the little girl apparently kissed my boy.  She's been on his mind ever since.  Ahh, the power of a good kiss...

Recently, he was complaining (like only a ten-year old can) that he was bored.  So I suggested that he email my friend's daughter.  My friend tells me that Dani misses AZ, so I figured that a correspondence could only be a good idea; he could hone both his writing and socializing skills, she could have some AZ news to tide her over while the weather there is unbearable.  They email each other several times a day now, with about one sentence per email.  One of her little friends is now in on it too.  And my boy grins like an idiot every time I tell him he has mail.(don't we all?)

He has informed me that he would like me to take him to Kentucky to see her.  He is not sure if he can wait until she comes to visit in January.

I don't think he realizes that in Kentucky, that kind of visit is probably considered a proposal. 

At least I already know her Mom.

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