Tuesday, November 23, 2004


My little one is 2 1/2.  She is the epitomy of a two year old too.  Everything has to be her way, right away, or else all hell breaks loose.  I battle between letting her get away with murder to keep the peace, and letting her know that she's really NOT the boss.   Not an uncommon battle, I know.  

She is pretty sweet most of the time.  But lately, she's been having these killer temper tantrums late in the day, and I think I've figured out her problem.  She's tired, and needs a nap, and she wants....her Mommy.  Easy enough, right?  No, not so easy.  She wants to nurse.  

Don't start on me that I'm a weirdo.  She only needs me at naptime and bedtime, and sometimes not at all.  It's just really hard because I've nursed all of the kids to varying degrees...10 mo, 15 mo, 27 mo... and well, I'd like them back.  And I thought I was winning this battle, but today, I came home from work, and she threw a total fit.  And I sat down, rocked her, and let her nurse.  And she's sleeping peacefully right now.  She even told me that she felt better, right before she drifted off.   She likes the closeness, and reaches up and holds on to me with her free hand. Sometimes, she'll pat my cheek.  I try just holding her close, and it isn't the same for her, I guess.  And she won't go to Dad without crying herself to sleep if I'm here too.  I don't really mind that much, it's just...I'd like them back.  

I know she'll probably quit soon.  Sometimes with the little ones, you have to back off when they aren't ready.  She's learning to use the potty right now too, so I think it's a one step forward, one step back kind of thing.

Besides, I don't think she'll graduate high school still nursing, so I try not to sweat it.  :)

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