Monday, November 29, 2004

The score so far: KIDS 2 MOM 1

Okay, score one for Dr Mom.  I was right about the pinkeye, and was perfect in my timing to Urgent Care.  I got there right when it opened.  Smooth, huh?  When I used to work in Urgent Care, we absolutely hated it when people were lined up outside waiting for us, but es por de mas, I had a sick kid.  Besides, Ben woke me up at 5 am crying because he was a goopy mess, so I was up anyway. 

However...ever try to get a kid to cooperate with eye drops?  It's not pretty.  "HOLD STILL I am NOT going to hurt you!"  evolves into growling threats in no time flat.  We are managing better today, and I think the duct tape I used to hold his head down should come off the couch... 

We made it home with plenty of time to spare to get Mr W off to the airport.  It's Mr W that was unfocused.  We're all loaded up, ready to go, so I ask him: 'You taking your cell phone?' 'Yeah.' 'Um, don't you think you'd better take the charger too?' He gets back in the car... 'Did you remember your money?' He rolls his eyes, 'Be right back'.  Had I not see his bag full of all his stuff, I don't think I would believe he packed everything.  I know he wasn't all that thrilled about leaving us and it made him a bit airheaded.  He was even compelled to fill up the van and wash it too (such a guy).    :)

I used to swear up and down that if I ever had a little girl, I would not buy into that Barbie-Disney machine that I don't always think has the best imagery/messages for little girls.  (in fact, I used to say, "I refuse to sell that 'someday my prince will come' crap to my little girl")  And then, I had one. I still will not endorse the 'someday my prince' will come mentality, but I did (and I admit this painfully)get her the new Barbie Prince and the Pauper DVD a while back.  Hey, she can only watch the Bionicle movie so many times...  She is into it.  She is a child that should never be allowed to watch commercials, because she will ask for all the girly stuff she sees. I (again, somewhat painfully admit) that I bought her a Barbie P/P nightgown that looks like a little frou-frou princess dress, very cute.  Now, she won't take it off.  Yesterday, I made a deal with herto wear regular clothes to the store, but that she could wear "her princess" when we got home.  Foolishly, I thought she'd forget, and I would be free of the dress until bedtime; we walked in the door, and she goes "Mommy, you get my button?" so I'd unbutton the dress she had on.  Minutes later, she trots out in her "princess" and twirls around the living room. She wore it all day and night yesterday, so I need to wash it today, and I am sure the accompanying cries of terror at being separated from "my princess" will bring the neighbors out of their houses to investigate.  I really think it's hilarious, and it's not really something to sweat it?  I may have to get her another just so I can wash the one she's wearing.  Ok, I will be at Kohl's later this morning.  Can we say pushover?  I am chalking it up to just a kid being a kid.  At least it looks like a dress.  Did I mention she wears her tights with it too?

They say that 2 and toddlerhood is like a preview of adolescence.  I can only hope that after the three boys make it through that I have enough energy left over for her, because I know that will be interesting to say the least. 


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