Sunday, November 28, 2004

Can we get a hand for the cranky lady down in front?

Mood:  UUGGGHHH-- grouchy and unpleasant

It's been a long day.  It started off well enough, but has taken a turn for the ugly as it's gotten later into the evening.  Mr W suggested we step outside for some fisticuffs, but I know I'd kick his ass and that's not going to make me snap out of this funk.  No, the best thing for me at this point is a deep breath and a time out--out of state, out of body, out of my mind, whatever works.  I think I know what's bringing this on, besides the usual biological bitchiness that strikes from time to time.

Mr W is going away for a week.  Granted, it's for work reasons, but he's gonna be in Florida, so that's hardly across town, and I will be here.  With the children.  Outnumbered.  Alone.

I do not fear them like I should.

They don't fear me, I wish they would.

I do not want to admit they can

Make me really miss their Dad!

See, I'm a babbling idiot already.  I know we'll be okay, but I dread the evenings when I'll have at least one of them breaking down in tears because they want Dad. 

And the laundry's not finished, so I'll be busting butt in the morning to get it done before he leaves (yeah, he does change clothes once in a while). I'm a sort of pissed that Mr W was home today, and could of continued the laundry while I was out for a bit, but why split hairs at this point?  It's still not done, so it doesn't really matter. 

Adding to the joy, it looks like Ben has developed a raging case of pink eye, and who knows who or what he's been rubbing his hands on in the meantime; I'd be willing to bet that at least one other kid will develop it too.

  I can't even do anything about THAT until tomorrow, when I will have the pleasure of attempting a (hahahaha) quick visit to Urgent Care as I don't think the dr will just call in something for him w/o him being seen. I can only hope we don't catch some kind of virulent strain of crap while we wait. Damn, damn, damn it, I should have picked up on the pink eye earlier today.  Isn't that in the job description somewhere?

Mom Wanted: Must be cheerful, witty and willing to clean up after herself and others.  Must be able to drive, cook, shop, occasionally teach, and coach either soccer, basketball, or football. Intensive knowledge of stain removal techniques suggested.  Should be familiar with hostessing impromptu gatherings of friends whenever the bosses decide it's time for a get together; see cooking requirement. Should be aware of the likelihood of being sprayed with various biological substances at any time. Should not be prone to mood swings that can't be cured with a hug/"I love you" combo.  Skill in diagnosing and treating minor illnesses and injuries REQUIRED. Failure in any of these areas will lead to bosses not ever making it past grammar school and becoming a burden/menace to society and employee will be held entirely responsible (it will be your fault--the management is not responsible for any areas in which you lack required expertise.)  We offer an exciting work environment where every day is different. If you are faint of heart, you need not apply. Be aware that this is only a partial list of qualities we like to see in our applicants.  Salary requirements will be met (if any apply) only after approval by our board of trustees.  Send resume and references to:  I'myourbaby, Inc. 525 E Rainbow Lane, Nodless, WI 74521.

I am hoping to make it through the week without a visit to that nice white room with the padded walls and fashionable jackets. 


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