Wednesday, February 23, 2005

TV wasteland...

We used to go to the movies quite a bit, Mr W and I, back in the day.

Now, we're lucky if we can watch whatever I've dragged home from Blockbuster before I have to return it. 

Oh, sure, I read, and while away the hours here in my journal.  But I still manage to get in my tv time.

Since I don't get out that much, cable is sometimes my link to civilization.  I get all the cartoon-kiddy entertainment the tykes need to keep 'em busy (shocking, I know, letting Nick Jr babysit so I can actually <gasp> bathe).  But it gets me my entertainment too. 

I watch the usual network stuff, like the CSI's, and that new show called House (oh, I am rooted to the screen on Tues nights at 8, woe to anyone that bugs me, and Mr W is tolerating my new crush on that show well), and okay, I admit to catching ER still too (but we all know it's been better).  Desperate Housewives, is on the list as well, of course.  But my big weakness has always been the serials on HBO and Showtime.

I remember watching Sex and the City late at night when I was up with Ryan when he was an infant, and it was the only girly connection I had, sitting there in my pjs, at 1 am, with dirty hair.  I really miss it now that it's gone, and I have actually started watching the reruns on TBS that have the more objectionable things edited out of it.  On the one hand, it takes the oomph out of it, but on the other, I've watched all of them, so I know what's missing.  I wonder about when Tony Soprano will once again grace my set, even though I know it won't be sometime soon.  And surprisingly, I miss the bad boys of Entourage (and I don't know if that'll be back).

I've found something that has taken the place of SATC though, on Showtime.  It's 'The "L" Word.'  I watched all last season, and it's back again for the second one.  It's really good.  The clothes, and the women, are gorgeous.  The stories are different and funny and not at all soap opera laden.  (well maybe a little)   

I also liked 'Dead Like Me' with the grim reapers running around, and of course, I miss 'Six Feet Under'. 

Mr W has been forced to watch with me and found himself hooked on a few too.  But his thing right now is 'American Idol' and 'Survivor:Palau' and I try not to tease him about it...but can't help myself.  I've stayed away from these as much as I can, however, I pay enough attention to them that I can chat him up about it.  So I guess that I have to say I watch them too.  Oy, the shame....the sacrifices I make, lol.

Whatever works, I always say.   If a little Nip/Tuck after the kids go to bed keeps me sane, then what's wrong with losing a little sleep? 

Heehee, Dr Troy can tuck me in anytime. ;)




queeniemart said...

Did you see the episode of Nip/Tuck where Sean makes love to the life like porn doll? Oh my God.....that was quite a scene. Quite a scene. Have you seen Huff on Showtime? I LOVE it.

slyracing1 said...

Side note...I went to school with Bobby Brady / or Micheal Lookinland! and Bruce Lee's son Brandon who met with an untimely death at 20... I don't know why I am telling you this but... there you go!
Hugs, Motomom Kendra

suzypwr said...

I watch no television whatsoever except 6' Under. One more season, and someone can come get the tv. I won't need it again.