Monday, February 21, 2005

Laziness, craziness, which is it?

Okay, I am feeling, really, a bit embarassed.  I wrote an entry earlier, only to delete it a bit later.  Hmm.  What's going on in my brain these days?  Chemical imbalance?  Lack of chocolate?  Everyone's at home?  Laziness (I should finish the laundry) or craziness (I am feeling out of sorts--)? 

We have a winner--everyone's at home.  Mr W is alternately cranky and not cranky, but that's ok.  He's kinda my prisoner right now, because he can't go with me anywhere, even though he'd like to.  He's sick of the house, too.  The kids are all stir crazy in spite of the new video game and movie I got them yesterday.  That'll teach me to not have anything planned for a day off of school!  As a result, they've all resorted to the many different ways they can all call "mo-om!" and as many requests as possible.  Just when I think I'm alone, one of them stalks me and I'm hissing "what do you want?" before I can even blink.  I feel bad about that, because they don't want anything, just want to know where I'm at.  I can't convince them that there is no secret exit in the house anywhere.  "Oh, no.  Mom's out of sight!! Call out a search party!!!"

Mr W is hanging in there.  He hates the knee immobilizer/brace thing.  He is a bit unstable when he stands up at first, and says the knee feels like it wants to move in an odd way every now and then.  That's gotta be disconcerting, to say the least.  Right now, he's playing UNO with the kids in our room. 

I sent the kids outside earlier, b/c they were making me nuts.  I'd like to say that all the time I am the perfect Mom, that we gather around the kitchen table playing board games and bonding.  That we're baking cookies and singing 'Kumbayah'.  But I'm not.  Today, I'm just feeling moody, and want some peace.  I think I'll go shopping, lol, because that's what a bitchy woman needs, to go shopping, amongst regular people who have no idea why I took cuts to get to the dressing room next.  Watch out, girls...I saw those shoes first!  (And that purse...and those pants...)

I'll pick up some chocolate too, just in case the shopping doesn't do the trick.

A little insurance in the form of a Ghiradelli bar with caramel can't hurt, can it?


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suzypwr said...

OMG chocolate and caramel can fix anything!