Friday, February 25, 2005

I thought I liked pink--

Calm, blue, ocean, <breathe> calm, blue, ocean...

I've had better days. 

Had to go to the pediatrician today with Nolan and Ryan.  Ryan for his cough, which the dr said was probably still just a cold, and that I should wait it out through the weekend, see how it goes, and bring him back on Mon or Tues if not any better.  Continue with the symptomatic care, she says.  I grit my teeth, but say okay.  Ha!  Symptomatic care, shyah, like I've not been doing that already...I'd like her to listen to him cough all last night.  We had to medicate him in the middle of the night, and I kept him home today, and the little guy slept until noon.  He did perk up a lot though, and I guess it was one of those moments when you take them in to be seen, and they look like they've not been all that sick, so Mom feels silly for coming in at all.  Oh well.

The big guy came up to me last night, to tell me he had a sore throat..."Whoa, hold on there dude.  You've got some naaasssty breath...ugh, strep breath.  Go brush your teeth, and I'll take a look."  The throat was a bit gross, so when I woke him up this a.m. for school, he said it still was hurting, so he got the pass to stay home too.  And when they did the test, it was positive, little strep man is hitting the pink bottle again.  Sigh. 

That was not the most alarming thing about the appt for me, however.

No, the most alarming thing about the appt was when they weighed Nolan, and he tipped the scales at 99 lbs.  99 lbs!!!  My baby! Suddenly 7 lbs 13 oz is 99 lbs??  I mean, I noticed he's growing, and he's not fat (although he'd chunked up a bit around the middle there for a while).  OY!  What's that all about?  What am I feeding him??  I'm in shock.  I definately won't be picking him up again anytime soon.  If he keeps growing at this rate, I will be looking up at him sooner than I think.  He comes up to my nose as it is now. 

Audrey is looking a bit off too, so I'm waiting for her to join the sick ward that is my living room.  Mr W in his recliner, with the leg propped up; and the kids sprawled on couches -- it's quite the party scene.  Ben is my only hold out, but he's trying hard to come up with something.  Drama king says to me, "Mommy," <cough, fake cough> "I think I'm trying to catch Ryan's cough."  "Of course you are," I say, "why don't you go to bed and rest?"  "Oh, I don't feel that sick..."  Yeah, that's what I thought.  That child is such a chameleon, such an actor, that I often joke with him: 

"Come on, Ben, remember and say it with me...'I'd like to thank my Mom, and the members of the Academy'; okay, sugar, the my Mom goes first..."  and then we crack up like mad.

I don't know where he gets that dramatic bent from....



djzgirl71 said...

Geez A are you sure we don't live in the same house or maybe we are just transmitting it thru cyber space LOL.  3 of my kids have it yet again and now so do I!!!!  If my kids spend one moer day at home and not at school I think I am going to be needing that padded room after all!!!  Hope your sickies get better soon!!!!


nicurnmama said...

you poor thing!!!!! My prayers for the sickos to get better but for you for strength and patience as you care for all of these "patients".
You bet they will thank MOM!!!! I tell my kids they better thank me first always, LOL
Take care, lady!

mom2kk11 said...

Oh no! I hope the boys get well soon and that Audrey doesn't fall next.

99lb! OMG! I can't imagine. He's turning into a <gasp> MAN!!!!  Teach him now to hand over the remote and leave the settings on the computer alone and you have done your job!


suzypwr said...

Tell your brother in law that you will forgive him for messing with your settings if he will sit with your family for half a day so you can see a movie and have lunch out :)

cneinhorn said...

hope the kiddies get better soon!