Wednesday, February 23, 2005

So clean....

Tonight is a beautiful kinda cloudy, full moon night.  I was pleasantly surprised when I went out back to feed the dog at how incredible the sky looked.  Perfect, perfect, perfect. ;)

Hey, wait a minute, you're thinking.  She "went out back"?  At night? Wasn't there danger lurking in the tall weeds or something like that? 

After this afternoon, there is no danger lurking in my backyard, other than needing to watch my step in certain dog-related corners.   It's clean, it's beautiful, and the random tree?  Gone! 

Yup.  I caved and called in the reinforcements.

I only bitched to Mr W a little bit about paying for it too.  Actually, I threatened him with more than a little pain if he let things get out of hand like that again.  Oh, don't look at me like that.  I'll help him out with it now.  Ugh.  I know, it's my yard too. 

For now, though, I am enjoying being able to see for what feels like miles and miles and miles.  The hills are alive with the sound of music...(ok, we don't have hills, but you get the picture)

And my other big accomplishment today was that I finally was able to talk Mr W into taking a shower.  Whew.  Not that he was offending us or anything, it's just that I thought he'd feel better if he did it.  I got the kids together:  "Okay, guys, listen..we need to do something to make Daddy laugh...and get him to take a shower..."  and I instructed them on how to hold their noses.  We walked into the room, and all of them lined up and held their noses, and told him to get in the shower.  Ben even fell on the floor for dramatic effect.  Audrey pointed her little finger at him and ordered him to take one.  "Daddy!  You stinky!  You shower!"

It worked.  He feels much better now, too.  We even took him on an outing (to aikido) and he managed to hobble around just fine.

A little soap and water does a little good....

But so does a weed eater, lawn mower, and chain saw--



deniden said...

It's amazing how much better a shower makes you feel anytime you feel icky (whether it be illness, injury, or a nasty day all around...)


pixiedustnme said...

I'm glad you guys got him up off his butt - I swear sometimes men just need a little encouragement to act like humans ;-)

suzypwr said...

Oh, how I miss aikido!
Congrats on the clean back yard. It sounds wonderful!
Your patient seems to be coming along nicely.