Friday, February 18, 2005

Trust me, it works...

I never thought I'd be pimping diaper rash ointment, and toothbrushes, but....  You know you're a Mom when this kind of thing gets you all wound up and you have to get the information out there to the Parent-network.

Audrey has had um, diarrhea all week.  It was a parting gift from whatever bug made her hurl last week.  And her little bum's been quite red, of course.  She cries everytime she goes, and one night I found myself bathing her very late (10 ish) when she...omg, how does anything that vile come out of a little cutie like her??  Poor thing.

I'd been doing the usual stuff, afterall I know what to do about a diaper rash even if I can't get my computer to upgrade correctly.  The usual remedies weren't helping her, so I decided to try -and yes, it's really called this-- Boudreaux's Butt Paste.  Skeptical?  Go to if you don't believe me.  It's made in Louisiana, the tube says, and I don't care if it's made on the moon by tiny Martians in purple hats because it worked.  Her little bottom is much better, although her tummy is not.  Oh, boy! Just for fun, let's call the pediatrician on a Friday morning and try to wrangle an appt! 

I have also become enamored of a toothbrush called Firefly.  There are two reasons I love...a toothbrush.  It's cheap (99 cents, can you believe that?) and it lights up, blinking for a minute and shutting off on its own.  The bottom is rubbery, you bend it just so, and the light starts flashing, hopefully encouraging the little trench mouths to brush until it stops.  It works great too!!  Ryan can't wait to brush, but more importantly, Ben can't wait to brush either.  I'm all for anything that encourages their dental hygiene, lol.

I found both of them at Target.  I am amazed, but not surprised, at the stuff I find there.

Perhaps I could lasso a computer geek looking for office supplies and drag 'em home for this pesky upgrading business.

Oh, wait, aren't they all at OfficeMax?  I'd go there, but all those office supplies....I'd never leave.  Pens and pristine pads of paper?  Some women love shoe shopping, but forget that, just get me some Post-its and colored Sharpies.  

I'll keep them on a high shelf, of course. 

Even Mommy need some markers.



djzgirl71 said...

Brody has had diarrhea for almost two weeks cuz he is sick and now on antibiotics.....butt paste huh?  Maybe I wll give it a try!!!!!  I love post it notes!!!!


robinngabster said...

Whew....I was reading very quickly wondering what you were going to suggest we do with the toothbrush. I mean you were talking butts and all...I got a little scared. I am relieved now. BTW...I have heard of the butt paste.

queeniemart said...

Just wanted you to know that Wal-Mart sells Butt Paste in the infants dept and sells Firefly toothbrushes in the Health and Beauty Aid Dept. Probaly cheaper than Target. I am glad Audrey feels better!

screaminremo303 said...

Don't forget about the UdderCream. It's better than Bag Balm because it's not greasy and it looks more like hand cream.  Nothing better for dry skin. Moooo!

suzypwr said...

Butt paste. Well, truth in advertising!

vernae69 said...

I love Target!  Good to know about the "buttpaste" *giggles*, but my little ones are way past that lovely age!  I don't miss it one bit!