Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Just call me Huggy Bear

Love, Angel, Music, Baby....

"If I was a rich girl, na na na na na na naaa.."

Where's my red lipstick?? Gotta channel Gwen whilst I lipsynch along...

I got this cd yesterday from Mr W, so I've kinda softened my stance on his pain meds, lol.  Who needs a sappy card when you can shake your moneymaker to this??  We got to go out to dinner last night.  ALONE. And I brought down the house when I asked him, "isn't this the part of the evening when you grab my hand, gaze lovingly into my eyes, and tell me how you can't live without me because I am the center of your universe?"  I think he dropped his fork, he was laughing so hard.  Of course I pushed it and asked him if he remembers anything about our 'early' years together.  And of course, he doesn't, but that's ok because I do.  I teased him that the only thing he remembers about that time is what was going on in the backseat of his car, lol.  Ahem.  Anyway--

How'd we manage to get out alone yesterday and to to dinner?  Because we didn't plan it!!  My brother was in town, and I had not seen my baby niece since Christmas, so we went over to my Mom's to see them all.  On my way over, he called me and told us they'd watch the kids if we wanted to go out.  Holy cow! Mr W slowed the car down barely enough to shove all the kids and their gear off before spiriting me away...just kidding.  We went in for a few minutes and hung out before deserting the ship.  

We went someplace new, and the food was good, and we didn't have to wait--see, no planning pays off sometimes. Of course, the next time this kind of thing happens will be ????? 


I'm on to journal pimping next.

Check out Chantal's new journal at:


I'm green with envy, I love the layout so much.  But I'm also a tightwad, lol, so for now I'll stick to my freebie.  Chantal is my parallel-life Mom, with 3 girls and a boy.  She knows where I'm coming from, because she lives it too~~except in Canada, lol.

She has an older j as well, at:


Check her out!

Hmm.  Perhaps I'll stop buying so much lippy, and go typepad too. 

OY!  I must not be feeling well, did I just say I'd give up my LIPPY??? 

:)  Seriously, check it out, it's that good.



mom2kk11 said...

You've got lots of lippy!! Just give up ONE lippy and you can afford the bare bones Typepad package (and the first 30 days free!) - and for just $3 more, be able to use banners and stuff.

Look at me, a Typepad Whore! LOL!


njlittlebear said...

Gwen is so dam hot !