Friday, January 28, 2005

Whirlwind day

Ever have one of those days where you wonder "When did I join the circus?" because of all the juggling you've done during it?

Today would be my circus day.  I have many of those, and sometimes, I surprise myself by going on autopilot and still being prepared. 

Well, it's either my state of readiness, or the stars are in some kind of magical Mom-favoring alignment, but my crazy day went relatively smoothly.

I woke up earlier than usual.  I managed to get the Nolan trifecta:  showered, fed, AND on time to school.  So of course, Ben was also fed and on time for school. (throw up the first ball)  We are usually on time, it's just the degree of 'on time' that varies.  There's the "Hey, great, we've got time to play!!" degree and then there's the "Ok, boys, run, don't walk to class, and move like you've got somewhere to be!!" degree.  As long as they get there in one piece, with the correct homework in its correct backpack, with the correct extracurricular equipment, then I breathe a sigh of relief as I wave goodbye.

I even pulled a rabbit out of the hat this morning, because I was able to find a pair of shoes for Ben, in the closet, that I'd saved for him a while ago.  WHOOHOO!  He came home yesterday afternoon from running club..."My feet hurt, Mom."  "Well, of course they do (I bite back the 'duh'), you've been running."  Suspicious, mom-tuition, I don't know, I check his shoes for fit.  Holy crap!  There's no space left!  Duh, to you Mom, when was the last time you had his foot measured?   I sigh. "Ben, it looks like you'll need new ones.  I'll take you later when Dad gets home."  And of course, I forgot (just like he'll forget to give me my medication someday.)  He's getting dressed this morning when I remember --damn it--- and I start searching my shaky morning memory for, don't I, didn't I save him some of Nolan's old shoes?  I start looking in the closet, and eureka, there they are.  In perfect condition, because I saved this pair as Nolan outgrew them before he wore them for a week(it was a freak thing.)  Usually, I'm a bit snooty and don't hand down the shoes.  If you saw the condition my kids leave their shoes in, you wouldn't expect anyone else to wear them either.  But anyway, I saved Ben's day, because they looked good, and they fit fine.  (throw up the second ball)

We had to go back to school early, to help with a special project, so I had to get us all fed, presentable, and back on campus by 9:30.  I get Audrey, and her gear, and throw her in the shower with me.  (third ball up)  Ryan gets ready while we do, and I get 'em fed somewhere in between.  In the middle of all this, the phone rings.  I see the school # on my caller id, so I'm wondering...who/what?  It's Nolan: "Mom, I was in PE, and we were out in the field, and I slipped.  I'm soaked.  Can you bring me some pants," he lowers his voice to a whisper, "and some underwear too?"  "Sure, but sweetie, I need a minute.  We're coming back soon anyway, but I'll hurry, so sit tight."  (up with the fourth ball)  I tell the other two kids what's gotta happen, hurry them up, and go to Nolan's room to gather his things, throwing a shirt and socks in too, just in case.  The phone rings, it's Nolan again. "The nurse says my shirt is all wet.." "Don't worry," I cut him off, "I've got a shirt in the bag."  "Thanks!  See you soon." 

Since I know we're going to be a while this morning, I grab some snacks for the kids, with a few extras for the other little ones that'll be there too, I toss them into a bag, grab a sippy cup for Audrey, and some vending machine change.  I shoo everyone into the car and we're off!  I get Nolan his clothes, and he is so relieved to see us I can't tease him.  We get him set, and we walk out to put the wet stuff in the van before reporting to our project in the courtyard. 

I'm helping out there, and the kids (mine + others) are running around, no problem.  I'm watching them when I realize that alot of the grass is still really wet, and spots are downright muddy, so I know before I'm done doing what I need to do, someone will need a change of clothes/shoes. 

Maybe half an hour later, I hear "Mommy, I all wet.  My shoes, my tights..."  "Okay, honey."  I have to come back to the house to pick up my little neighbor that I always give a ride to, so I'm thinking I'll run in and grab her a change of clothes.  I let the other Moms working know I'll be right back.  As I'm buckling Audrey into her seat, I get a whiff of 'eeww.'  Great.  At least I know what I'm in for (up goes ball five) and we run home, pick up the neighbor; run into the house; grab clothes, tights, boots; back to school, (all on time!) turn in some papers to the nurse for my neighbor, change Audrey, and go back outside to help finish up our project.  (ball six, yes?)  I finally get back to the car and it's about 12:30.  Hey, Mr W said he might be home.   I call him, and he is, so we head home too.  He says he's gonna work in the yard (oh boy, the stars are in alignment) and I try but don't succeed in getting the princess to nap.  Now I have to go pick everyone else up (ball six) and when we pull into the driveway, hey, look who's sleeping!!! 

Hmm.  I decide to go for a walk while she's down, because Mr W and the big boys are going out later, and this is my window of opportunity.  I'm so out of there in a flash, with the dog...when the kids stop me outside.  "Can I come?"  UGH.  I grit my teeth.  "No."  "Please????"  "Fine, ok, Ben.  But it's a long walk, no complaining, got it?" 
It was a beautiful afternoon, and Ben made the whole distance (about 3 miles) without complaining...much. 

Audrey's up when I get home, so I throw her in the car, and we hit the grocery store in a hurry so that we can get back before the boys and Mr W have to leave.  (what are we on, ball 7 or 8? I lost count)

So I get back, and that group leaves.  I'm a bit jealous, they've gone to an ASU baseball game.  Oooh, I think I may have to go next time.  YES!!  Baseball's back! 

YES!! I'm down to two kids, and bedtime is soon.  (time to put the balls down, because Mr W hates it when I peg him as he comes in the door...)

YES!!  I'm working tomorrow.  Oh, how evil, how deliciously evil, to think that Mr W gets to do the juggling tomorrow, for a few hours. 

Heehee, I think I may work a little extra.  Even better, I may need to make a stop at the mall on my way home.  Shh!  that'll be our little secret....

Well.  Here's what I get for thinking evil thoughts.

The garage door just went up.  They-re baa-ack.  "What are you guys doing back so early?" "It just got too damn cold," Mr W replies.

I'm resisting the urge to sass.  "What, you want me to leave?"

Sometimes, he makes it just too easy...


djzgirl71 said...

My God woman I got winded just reading that!!!!!!!  Holy crap all mighty what a day!!!!!!  I think you deserve a shot of tequila!!!!  


nicurnmama said...

ever have one of those days....gurly that IS my life!    LOL