Thursday, January 20, 2005

NO--that can't really be the alarm already

Mood:  tired but not yet grumpy--check back this afternoon

I have a hangover this morning.  Not the usual, drinking-induced payoff for overindulgence, but the type of hangover you get when you've been up with a sick kid.

In this case, it's Audrey.  She had a little fever yesterday afternoon when she woke up from her nap, then recovered (prob due to the children's Motrin I gave her) only to spike it up in the middle of the night (naturally--poor thing.)

Ordinarily, I'd make some sassy remark about how there's nothing like a hot body in your bed, but really, there's no fun in a flip-flopping lump of burning coal that you know can head for disaster at any time.  I felt her bouncing around, and sniffling, as the wee hours approached.  I'd pat her, rub her back, and she'd settle.  But eventually, I was too awake to just lay there and let her tough it out.  She woke up a bit so I said, "come on, sweetie, let's go check your temp and get some medicine"  "okay, Mommy."  When a toddler willingly agrees to medication, you know that you're in trouble and they are really not feeling up to snuff.

Oy, I think, looking at the clock. 4:00 am, perfect.  So began my evening/morning ministrations.  Off to the kitchen, got her all squared away, then we went and I rocked with her (pat, rub, pat her back; repeat) until I thought she was cool enough to attempt sleep again.    When we lay back down, however, she starts the flip/flop/reach for mom combo for what feels like forever.  Who knows when she knocked out, all I know is that the alarm went off, and I thought it was a joke.  Hey, what's that noise?  I was in the middle of an interesting dream and now I'll never know why there were two cute men in my car.

Now, it's time to awaken the rest of the troops, and shoo them off to school.  Hopefully, my little miss will feel better today.

And these things, in the middle of my face, that feel like they don't belong there, would be my eyes.  I've got that crazed, 'bill the cat' look about me right now. 

Haven't I mentioned how glamorous this motherhood gig is before?



djzgirl71 said...

I sure hope your little one starts to feel better soon!!!!


mom2kk11 said...

Oh no! Good luck. I hope it's not too serious. Poor Audrey.