Friday, January 21, 2005

All aboard!

It's time to pick up the troops.  And today, I am putting a new meaning on Mom's taxi.  In addition to my 4, there are 4 neighbors who always get a ride w/ me.  I have two others that are coming along b/c their Mom had a sudden dr appt (she's prego) and another who is coming to play w/ Ryan.  All I know is my van will be like a clown car.  I think'll this one's gonna take two trips, lol.

Forget a Suburban--I need a bus!  :)

Where's my Tylenol?  Better pre-medicate now then suffer a headache later....

Time to bake the cookies!


screaminremo303 said...

I told you I should have bought that short bus!!!

mombzbe said...

I absolutely was thinking of that short bus today!! You could've paid for it by just renting it out to me, lol!