Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Where's my sign?

I'm convinced I'm the target of some kind of karmic retribution. 

I was on my way out late yesterday afternoon.  I put the dogs out, and as the water dish was empty, courtesy of Max, I went to fill it.  Responsible pet owner that I am and all. 

I'm at the water hose, the dish is where it always is.  As I turn the hose on, I notice a huge kink in it, and am bending to get it when at the same time, an incredibly strong blast of water hits me.  In the face.

All I can manage is "oooh" as I blindly reach out to turn the hose off, thinking, wtf?  I know I saw the hose connected...

Once again, I am treated to the sound of my husband's ringing laughter, as he looks out the kitchen window at the whole debacle. 

I get everything turned off, and a closer look at the hose reveals bite marks.  Thanks, Max.  The hose has been converted to a sprinkling chew toy.

I'm totally soaked.  Nothing has been spared.  Once again, my dignity has hit the highway.

I've learned that on my way out the door, I'm not approaching anything that can spew any kind of liquid at me.  At least not on purpose.

Somewhere, sometime, I stepped on the wrong bug.  Somewhere, someplace, this bug must be laughing his ass off.

Or angling to get a better look at my soaked shirt.


deniden said...

That sucks, lol.


perkysgrl said...

Bummer Deal....

Hopefully you weren't going anywhere too important
that you had your hair and make-up done all nice
and what not :(

And yes, that bug is probably laughing ;)


suzypwr said...

Yeah, yeah, blame the bugs. At least you had an appreciative audience.


pixiedustnme said...

at least this time it was only water and not sticky diet pepsi :-)

screaminremo303 said...

You need to get rid of all those University of Arizona shirts in Mr. W's closet. That's enough bad Ju-Ju for an entire family.

billandnae said...

The dogs got it out for you girl!

Pets, gotta love it!

inafrnz247 said...

OH MY GOSH...you are so not alone!  My family loves to laugh at my expense.  Doesn't it make you just feel the love?!?  LOL michelle

tillysweetchops said...

Oh Noooo! The minute I started reading I braced myself in readiness for your soaking!! Something is certainly going on: salsa, soda, and now water. This sounds like a case for the local Karmic investigator!