Tuesday, August 30, 2005

It's not like I was dancing on the table

I learned a valuable lesson this weekend while driving to my brother's wedding.

Nothing will make you invoke the name of whatever God you pray to like driving on a two lane highway that curves and climbs at speeds in excess of 60 mph with a carload of kids (6, to be exact).  

I think my hands are still imprinted on my steering wheel from my kung-fu grip.   

When I could tear my eyes away from the road for a second or two, I took in enough of the fantastic scenery to utter "I'm moving" enough times to make Nolan start rolling his eyes at me.   

That wasn't to be the last time he rolled his eyes at me, either.  I managed to scandalize him at the reception by imbibing in non-Mom like quantities of alcohol (which really was just a margarita...a beer...okay, maybe two, if you count the sips I took from Mr W's...and two shots of tequila) AND smoking a cigar (my brother asked me to hold it, so of course I had to keep it lit--it was a nice one, too).  I didn't get drunk, as the margarita was pretty weak (where is Jane when I need her?) and I spaced out the liquor over the course of the evening.   

"Mom!  Is it okay for you to have that?"  "What?" Nolan points to my beer.  "Well, you're driving later, and...."  I cut him off.  "First of all, unless you see me dancing on that table up there" <I pointed to where the bridal party sat> "I'm okay.  Secondly, your Dad and your Tata aren't going to let me drive if I shouldn't be."  At which point Mr W jumped in with "Leave your mother alone." 

Not that he wasn't scandalized himself when he saw me quaff back that second shot.   

Relax, folks.  It's not like I do this everyday.  

I called my Mom yesterday, just to chat.  "I hear you were drinking tequila with your cousins.." "Yes." "..and smoking a cigar." "Yes."  "Your Dad told me."  "Oh, come on Mom...."     

(You know, if I'd known I was going to catch it just for drinks, then I'd have grabbed some asses too, and really made it worth my while.)  

Guess I can do the Saturday Six today, since according to my family, I was in no condition to do it on Saturday anyway.  

Saturday Six - Episode 72

1. What is your current desktop picture?  What made you select it? My current desktop is a blue sky with clouds.  I picked it because I like that image, it's peaceful.
2. A close friend who you consider to be up to date on fashion suggests that you should update your look and offers to pay for a session with an experienced hairstylist you've never dealt with before.  Knowing that it's free, would you go?
This is a toughie.  I've done it in the past, and hated the result.  I'd have to see the work of the stylist first, before I commit to anything that involves causing me potential angst.

3. When you do look in a mirror, what is the first thing you usually look at? My hair, of course, lol.  Then I give my face a once over, because no one likes a  surprise zit.  Unfortunately, even though I'm way past 15, my skin still thinks it is.
4. Take this quiz:  Which Bugs Bunny character are you?
I'm Wile E. Coyote...wait a minute, aren't things always falling on him?  Oh well, he dusts himself off to try again, and I guess that is me, too.

5. What label seems to describe you the best as a whole? Good-natured.  Roll with the punches. (I have to, with my group.)  Friendly.
6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #60 from Stacy: Is there a specific person that you credit with your successes? and HOW did they help you?

No one person--I feel fortunate that my life has been touched by a lot of good people (wow, does that sound like a Miss America answer, or what?)  Between my family, good friends, and teachers, it's hard to pick just one.  I hear them all inside my head, guiding me when I need it.  (along with the other voices....)   Hmmm. Okay.  My Mom.  She always believes in me, even when I don't.  :) Sometimes, knowing that was all I needed to keep at it; even now, knowing this is all I need to take another deep breath and not kill her grandchildren.


pixiedustnme said...

Yup, Miss America - I can see 'em passin you the crown now!

perkysgrl said...

Hmm, doing shots of tequilla and smoking cigars is the way I would like to spend my time at a Wedding ;)  lol...

And kids, they notice EVERY LITTLE THING :)

Great answers to the Six too, btw!


screaminremo303 said...

You call that drinking? Ms. Lovely has that much with her pancakes before we play golf. The real question is: Did Mr. W dance the Chicken Dance?

suzypwr said...

My child used to encourage me to drink - I think maybe so I wouldn't notice her drinking out of my glass after a while....but the cigar - yuck!!


tillysweetchops said...

Isn't it amazing how quickly our children start wanting to mother us? Pity you didn't table dance just to show there's life in the old girl yet!!

yaya1 said...


yaya1 said...

if u read this u have been tagged copy and paste from my journal  

rickysbunnie said...

you'd think you were 16 all over again with people jumping down your throat like that lol! Can't a girl have a little fun ONCE IN A WHILE!?!? :) Love your journal
<3 Amanda

animaquarius2500 said...

hey.. sounds like u had a great time.. i love your journal.. please check out mine.