Thursday, August 25, 2005

Whatever you wish, my sweet

Whatever you wish, my sweet.

I'm trying to keep my little princess happy this morning.  She woke up in a bad mood, the kind of mood that indicates she should've slept longer.  Like until noon.

It's gonna be a long day in the workroom if I can't find out why she's a bit off.

If this is a preview of what it's gonna be like when she starts cycling with Mom, then I think I'll just go out back and construct a menstrual hut right now. 

Earlier this week, I decided to start more preschool activities with her.  I figure just running errands, while she enjoys it, is probably not enough.  Then there was the Mom-guilt I felt on top of it, that I used to sit at the table or lay on the floor and color with the boys.  Put some sugar on a plate and outline the letters of the alphabet.  Make paper chains, and decorate the kitchen.

I feel like maybe I've been neglectful Mommy, as I've not done that with her. 

Since she likes to cut, and glue; and while I was coloring at the table with her, she developed an affinity for my deformed butterflies, I thought up a project.  I cut out an outline of a butterfly.  We glued it onto black paper.  I cut out a bunch of shapes, and let her glue them on to the wings for decoration.  I explained how there is symmetry in butterfly wings, but let her put her pieces where she wanted them.  The finishing touch was when I cut a pipe cleaner in two, and we stapled them at the top for antennae.

Now, she is enamored of the pipe cleaners.  She will only take pink ones, and I just had to staple them on a bug she drew.  Only pink.  Apparently, Mother Nature has decided that this is the new black.

And I've decided that slowing down to her speed, and coloring, is the new road to patience.  



yaya1 said...


mum24boyz said...

Sounds like a fun time!! We all need to sit and color once in a!  ::running to store for crayons and crafts::

Robyn :)

perkysgrl said...

Wow, that sounds like lots of fun...

You aren't a neglectful Mommy at all.

I only just recently started "Crafting"
things with Rowan... She only now
became interested and able to keep
her attention on it for a while.

She loves to "paint" with water colors
and color... And "do her name" (write
her name) on paper...

Have fun with the Little One!!


suzypwr said...

Don't feel guilty - she has older brothers to do things with, who didn't exist when you were doing all those things before. You only have so much time, girl. But I think the menstral hut is a go. Make sure you don't own a chain saw, either.


tillysweetchops said...

Just imagine, when she's all grown up, you'll dig that butterfly out and remember your day of cutting and sticking fun. General weariness has forced me to cut down on this sort of activity lately, I used to go well over the top with the entertainment, learning and craft activities with my older children. After half an hour the'd be desperate to get away from me and go play with creepy things in the garden or destroy my bedding plants, but I thought to myself, it took me an hour to set this thing up, you sit there and enjoy yourself - look you do it like this. Another half an hour later I would have produced a work of art and the children would be practically begging to get away. Consequently, with my younger ones I'm not so intense (I'm right out of energy!) but I still make playdough (used to pay a fortune for this, now make my own for pennies), bake cookies, etc. But not so much. There has to be balance - so don't worry Anna, you sound like you've got this being a mummy business down pat!

jevanslink said...

Maybe you two could start building that menstrual hut together. Show her how to make a PMS monster with pipe cleaners.  Won't that be fun?  Mrs. L