Wednesday, August 17, 2005

In the dark

On my knees, in the hallway, I'm thinking....

Oohh, Mr W.  Wow-oww, Mr W.  Mmmm, a little to the left--

I'm holding my breath, wondering how does he do that?


How does he sleep through another episode of vomitus nocturnus?

I was turning out the lights, doing the nightly rounds of "did I lock that door?" when Ryan stumbles into me in the kitchen.  "Sweetie, did you have a bad dream?"  (he's not been sleeping well, stomaches and nightmares, fun fun)

"I have to throw up."  "Oh!  Okay!" I move into high gear, spin him around and start heading down the hall towards the bathroom; half-carrying him and rushing.  No small feat in the dark, considering my lack of grace.

We turn the corner.  I hear the dread 'glurp' sound in his stomach, the gurgle in the throat and instinctively put him down just as he lets it go.  Groaning inwardly, but patient on the outside, I ask him if he's okay; at the same time scooting around the mess and getting him to the bathroom just in time for round two.  (Feel my barefooted gross pain, folks.)

Poor kid.  He's not getting a break in this. 

Poor Mom.  She's not getting a break in this, either. 

I got him squared away, back in bed, and went to clean it all up.  Which puts us back at my hallway scene; where I'm taking care of business.

Mr W slept through it because he's had a couple of long days at work.  Fair enough.  I know he's tired, and can hear his not-so-gentle snore as I mop it up.  A very reassuring sound in the middle of the night, I have to admit.

I did make another mad dash to the bathroom about 30 minutes later, for Audrey.  Never knew I could jump out of bed, scoop up a little one, and make it to the bathroom that fast!  Thankfully, it was a false alarm, a couple of dry heaves, and she settled right back down afterwards.

Hey, I'm Supermom!  Able to leap small puddles of puke in the middle of the night!  lol

I was feeling like Supermom for a brief bit this morning.  Got the kids up, to school on time, in spite of my own bout with "just five more minutes" and the bath I had to give Max.  After dropping them off, we got Max to the vet (he weighed in at a healthy 47.6 lbs, lil piggie) and came home.  I made Ryan a dr appt, and then it hit me, as I replayed the vet's receptionist's voice in my head... "call us at 3 and we'll set up a pickup appt for you between 5 and 7."

I'm double booked.  Kids have aikido at the same time.

Whoops.  I'm not Supermom.  That's okay, it's too hot here for tights.

It appears I'm gonna have to activate the powers of the Wonderfriends...  :) 


inafrnz247 said...

You need to borrow my sn!  Sorry your little guy is so sick...that is so hard!  Hope he's better soon!  You still make a bad day into great entry, though!  :o) Michelle

robinngabster said...

I'm just wondering why the plastic lined trash basket isn't beside the kiddies bed?  As close as the bathroom is to Gabby's room I still keep one there just in case she doesn't make it. Usually she does make it to the bathroom but her problem is not leaning in close enough and letting it shoot out of her mouth while standing and allowing it to SPLASH all over!  So sorry they are still sick...hope you don't get it next! Take care of everyone...should I send some chicken noodle soup?

perkysgrl said...

Awww, what a awful night...

And you are most certainly
a Supermom :)

Anyone who can mop up barf
with out gagging themselves,
is a Super-person all in their

Hope everyone is feeling


PS. I so know what you mean about
Mr W not hearing anything... Totally
my husband :) if it doesn't have to
do with work... He doesn't hear it!!!

tillysweetchops said...

Poor Little Ryan and Poor Mommy too! But there's a bright side to every scenario. My kids are usually sick in their beds!! Also it spreads through them all like wildfire - so invariably one,two or three will also get it. Two things I can't live without in my home - 1) My wonderful Bissel carpet cleaner (which is now broken due to the fact that one little busy body, yet to be identified, has hidden a certain widget!) and 2) numerous plastic bowls, which they all go to bed with after the first bout of sickness. Something tells me Ryan's favourite bear is going to have to move over tonight! Hope you all get some sleep tonight and get well Ryan!

suzypwr said...

I think it's time to teach your children to head for the bathroom when they feel sick rather than finding you - the sound will draw you to the bathroom, where you can offer comfort rather than clean up the carpets. Ick!!


nicurnmama said...

how do they do that?.....our darling husbands I mean?!
Poor kiddo, I hope he feels better. Maybe you need to design a supermom in AZ outfit. Tights re too hot and soooo 90s!
Take care.