Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Mini me, Part 2

This may be short and sweet.  I just let the dogs in, and Max, is well, frankly, a mess.  The picture is a mere representation; some days, he's much worse, some days, he's just dirty at the paws.  Some days, I'm bathing him before 7 am.

I put him out in the morning, with a sense of dread...and amusement.  He has so much fun, how can I begrudge him digging in his water dish?  Even if it means dirt in the house, and pawprints all over the place.  (The Swiffer WetJet and that little vacuumy Swiffer are what keeps me sane, even if I can't keep the floor clean all the time.)

His cohort, Shadow, gets pretty dirty too, but nowhere near as muddy as Max.  She's a little more refined, I guess.

Right now the thing that Max does that amuses me the most is charge--he runs up to me, and as he approaches, turns his head and plants his shoulder squarely up against my leg.  Like a linebacker.  A friend of mine assures me that I won't like it when he does it and he weighs 80 lbs.  However, I feel like I should grant him one more day of glory, for tomorrow, it's snip, snip.

Let's see, I stopped at 52, I think.

53.  I have a tattoo. (inside rt ankle)

54.  I want another one.  (Guess where.)

55.  I'm a Leo. 

56.  And my tattoo is of a lion, but not because of #55.

57.  Steve.  Joe's okay, but...

58.  I like watching cartoons with my kids.  (Teen Titans is my current favorite.  And Plankton, that little megalomaniac, what's not to love?)

59.  The Mom gig is awesome most of the time.  Awesomely hard.  Awesomely challenging.  Awesomely loving.

60.  At times, the Mom gig is lonely. 

61.  Just when I think I can't love them any more, I feel my heart shift and make room for the overflow.

62.  I have moments of cuteness in my day that would make your heart ache.

63.  I have moments of frustration in my day that would make your head ache.

64.  I live for these moments.


deniden said...

Max is getting so big and his fur is so light compared to my Large Marge!


suzypwr said...

Poor Max. Maybe I am glad I don't have water dogs. Nothing compares to the smell of wet dog, does it?

I like the Swiffer vacuumy thing too. It picks up a lot of pet hair, mine too, and doesn't stir it up all over the place. We are supposed to wash the floor too?


billandnae said...

hmm, where do you want your tattoo?  I'm gonna guess on the other ankle?  LOL

Cute dogs, I'm sticking with the 12-15lb breed LOL!!!

screaminremo303 said...

You could save money if you just sprayed the wee Princess with Pledge and lt the dog drag her around the floor.

Its just an idea. At least I know you don't have to worry about Mr W's hair getting all over the place.

tillysweetchops said...

Isn't it amazing how being a mum can inspire so many emotions - often a multitude at the same time! With me it's quite complicated because having 6, my heart could be swelling with pride at one and I could be tering my hair out with another. It's a challenge that's for sure! Seeing your cute doggy really makes me broody (for want of a better word) but I'm so stretched at the moment I don't think I could cope with the muddy paws. I'm torn though, because I think having a best buddy dog is an essential part of childhood. Maybe when I'm down to my fighting weight I'll be able to take on the challenge. Related thought: I once went to my friends for dinner. We had spagetti. She had just got a new puppy. After dinner I went to sit down on the sofa and found a long strand of spagetti. I picked it up and said "What's this spagetti doing here?". I was horrified and nearly sick when the spagetti curled back on itself in my fingers. LOL. It was a worm from the new puppy!!!!

autumnsavril said...

Awww, I had a dog named Max who looked just like your Max when I was a kid.

Fond memory.