Friday, August 19, 2005

A pretty good one

I was going to look up some stuff, like a quote for the day, or a word for today, or maybe my horoscope and post it in honor of my birthday, but I'm just too lazy for that at this point.

Instead, I'll just rattle off some famous people who share the same birthday, and call it even.  In no particular order, here they are:  Jill St. John (wasn't she a Bond girl?); Peter Gallagher (no way he's 50); John Stamos; Matthew Perry (lol); Coco Chanel (guess why it's called Chanel No. 19); Jonathan Frakes (made that Star Trek: The Next Generation uniform look good); Kyra Sedgewick (one degree of separation from Kevin Bacon, and she's just lovely); Kevin Dillon (I think he's my Entourage favorite, he's a laugh); and Bill Clinton (of all people).  

I'm feeling pretty good, considering how yucky I felt yesterday.   Perhaps if I'd succumbed to the tequila call at dinner and had a margarita, I'd be feeling really good, but I opted not to have one just in case we stopped off for ice cream. 

We didn't get a chance, because after a quick jaunt to Target, we had to get home as Mr W had to go finish something at work.  He came home just for me, so all of us could go out to dinner.  And he kept the boys from telling the servers it was my birthday, so he gets extra credit for that.  

My best friend Jenny sent me a really nice flower arrangement, and there's that turtle cake Jane made me on Weds. left to nosh.  Sweet!  

The best birthday gift I got, however, came from a complete stranger.  We were sitting at dinner, just chatting, and this older lady and her companion came up to our table.  "I had to stop and say that your children are just delightful."  And she looked around the table, smiled at us, and left.   

It was still early in the meal, lol, but I'll take it.  She did miss the ballerina floorshow I had to put to a quick stop because Twinkletoes decided to do it right in front of the kitchen door, and almost tripped up a server.  

And yet, it doesn't get any better than that.


jevanslink said...

Hey, happy birthday!!! Same as one of my best girlfriends!!  Mrs. L

tillysweetchops said...

Happy Birthday dear Anna, Happy Birthday to you!!  Perhaps you should have treated yourself to the margarita (Goodness my mouth's watering at the thought of that drink) and the ice-cream! Sounds like you had a great time at dinner though - Isn't it just the best when strangers complement you on the behaviour of your children? I always pray there isn't an eruption before they've turned the corner!

yaya1 said...