Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Just a few things

Mood:  tired

I'm still hanging in there.  Thought I'd be passed out by now, but nooo-oooo.  Mr W isn't home yet.  He went in today, for a bit of OT, and true to form, got into the inevitable complicated crap he always gets into.  If there's a nutjob within a two mile radius of his cop car, that's the car he just happens to stop.  It never fails.  The man attracts wackos.

Um, wait a minute.  I better qualify that. 

The man attracts wackos...at work. 

Anyway.  When I picked up the kids at school, Ryan sits up front, grasps my hand, and announces:  "I have some good news, and some bad news."  Not a good intro, but he gets points for effort.

He got in trouble today, and a 'behavior' ticket got sent home with him.  For the love of God, he's in first grade.  A bad behavior ticket?  Please, I'm praying, let it not be for him dropping his pants, or nudity.  Please.

Phew!  He's in trouble for not keeping himself under control, and dancing around to the music instead of listening to his teacher.  Fabulous. 

How can it be that I have the tiny dancer on one hand, and a politico on the other?  (Nolan has announced to me he wants to run for Student Body President.  Considering that for the last 5 yrs, he's done everything to lay low imaginable, I'm surprised.  And jazzed by this new outgoing side of him.  Go, boy!) 

It's a bit aggravating telling Ryan once again that his teacher means business.   But I can't help but dig the whole deal, the different natures of the kids, the changes that come overnight.  (I'm hoping Ryan gets over it soon, though...)

Speaking of overnight changes, I finally decided to help Nolan out in regards to the onslaught of body odor I'm sure we will have to endure soon. I still can hardly believe this, but I bought my baby, my firstborn, some Axe bodyspray.  Now, after he showers, we definately know it.  You can smell him all over the house; and he's been a little too zealous in his application, if you know what I mean. 

"He is not overdoing it," I told Mr W last night.  "It fades, it's not that strong forever."

"Did you not see the cloud that came out of the bathroom when he opened the door?"  Mr W pipes up.

"Oh, ok, maybe you're right."  Cough, cough. 

Well, at least he smells good.  And now I have an excuse to spray the aisle at Target, before making my selection. 

"Security to aisle five..."

Cough, cough.


deniden said...

Let's hope he's not hookin up with the hoochies on the Axe commercials, lol.


suzypwr said...

My child marinates in perfume. She used mine once, and my room smelled for days. I am not sure she ever realy realized how I knew she was using mine, lol. Good luck! I guess I need to go smell this Axe stuff. Knowledge is power. I haven't seen any commercials for it, so I know nothing.


pengboo said...

Actually that Axe stuff is strong no matter how little they use.  I have an 11 and 13 year old using it.  Its as good as using a bug bomb in our house!