Tuesday, March 22, 2005

She's planning ahead

Audrey's birthday is coming up, in about a month.  I have already been informed by said munchkin that she wants a "pink, Hello Kitty birthday", with "pink cupcakes, and pink ice cream with sprinkles."  She has been chanting about "my birthday's com-ming, my-yy  birth-daaay's comm-mming" all weekend.  I haven't been able to figure out if she understands that it's a month away, or if she just thinks it's 'coming'.  She is very, very excited, not only about her big day, but also about something else that's expected next month.

Heehee, we are getting a puppy, and he'll come home right before her birthday.  He's mine, of course, a yellow lab.  I've wanted one for a while, esp after our last old dog died (he was a great dane/lab mix, and a wonderful dog).  I've always had dogs, and I've really missed Samson since his death. I had planned all along for this, and had postponed the notion when we acquired Shadow, but....it's always been in the back of my mind.  And um, I finally wore down Mr W.  It was one of those things, like in any relationship, where there's give and take; when you just finally throw up your hands and say "Oh, go ahead, do it, quit bugging me", lol.   Usually, he's the one wearing me down, and he has the motorcycle to prove it (and the truck before that, and ....).  I was feeling quite spoiled on our way back to my Mom's after we saw the puppies, and I said so to him: "You know, I'm feeling quite spoiled this year, I mean the iPod, and now a puppy.." when out of the corner of my eye, I see him grin and say "Well, I'm just buttering you up." 

Great.  He wants something.  And I know what it is, too, and it doesn't seat all of us, so I'm gonna keep saying 'no, no, no'.

No, no, no.   No new Goldwing.  No new Mustang.  (Although, I am somewhat relieved that should he have a midlife crisis, these things are mechanical, and not 22 yr old well-endowed blondes.  I mean, at least he's not asking for that out loud, HA!) 

Well.  It appears I have a pink birthday to plan, and I have a puppy name to come up with, and a neck to measure.

About a 17, 17 and a 1/2, I think.  I wonder if the shock collars at PetsMart go that large? ;P 

Just in case he says something he shouldn't...out loud.




slyracing1 said...

Boy or Girl Puppy?  I know there is no changing your mind... because there was no way to change mine back in October!  I HAD to have a "blue" Weimaranier to go with my gray one!!! When I found one... HAD to have her and I it is 9 months later... want to know why god made puppies cute?  So you don't kill em! j/k....
Buy a big bottle of white vinager and enjoy!!!! [Lab name .... mmmmm I don't know]
Hugs with love,

suzypwr said...

Oh, boy, a puppy! I can't imagine life without dogs. Maybe you should get TWO!
I say wait on the name - when the baby comes home, the name with come too :)

pixiedustnme said...

I want a mustang too!

mum24boyz said...

Awwwww... I want a pink hello kitty party, too!! lol!

Robyn :)