Sunday, March 13, 2005

I caved in

I usually don't do this, this wknd assignment business.  But the topic this wk is irresistable to me, and I caved.

Weekend Assignment #50: Tell us about an artwork -- painting, sculpture or other visual work -- which had a significant impact on you. Note this doesn't have to be your "favorite" piece of art, or the one you like the most (although it can be, if you want): I'm looking for the work that made you think, or affected you in an unexpected way. 

What can I say?  I'm a Renaissance girl.   (well, that Renoir up there isn't Renaissance, it's just a favorite of mine :) and I had to include it).

I stumbled into Art History as an elective one year, and I was hooked.  It provided a welcome break from my usual classes.

The Renaissance fascinates me because of the coming together of art and science in such a breathtaking way.  The images from the Sistine Chapel all are so incredible, individually, and then when you consider them all as a whole, and the work that went into them, it's hard not to be speechless.  I sat in my classes and had my jaw drop more than once.  I still remember the first time I saw Michelangelo's sculpture, David, and I couldn't imagine how a huge block of marble could be turned into something like that.  Art, science, math (linear perspective)--all the stuff I love, all rolled into one, that's what the Renaissance represents to me.  The fact that Leonardo was a lefty too is icing on the cake. 

Brunelleschi's Dome was such an achievement architecturally and artistically that I go back to it again and again.  I believe, if memory serves, it's the largest free-standing dome in the world.  It's definately stood the test of time.

The accomplishments of this period always make me think, "how did they do that?"  Aren't these the same folks that used bloodletting as a cure for illness?  And then in the next thought, "wow".

As for my Renoir, I am an Impressionist fan too.  I love the colors, the style...and this image is one of my favorites.

Since my talent for drawing goes only as far as the stick figures I draw to amuse the kids, I have an appreciation for those who can do it.  Even my Play-doh sculptures always wind up being snowmen, lol.  The extra credit question involved if money were no object, how much would you spend on a piece of art?  Well, I don't think I'd spend my money buying it, because....I'd rather spend it traveling, because....

Someday, if they are still open to the public when I get around to it, I'm gonna go to Italy and see these things in person. 

If I'm not too old to fly.


mlrhjeh said...

I loved your choices.
This was also my first time at the assignment.

Mary Louise of Watching My Sister...Disappear


Weekend assignment

suzypwr said...

I like your choices a lot, too :)
I agree. Why spend a ton on artwork when you can go visit all the good stuff and not get bored with it?

domesticatedchic said...

Excellent entry.. I enjoyed reading it.. that last one was the painting used in the movie "Everafter" .. Who would have thought Drew Barrymore would look similar , eh? :)

cste609371 said...