Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I don't get it

The kids, I just don't get them.  Right when I think I have a handle on them, they come up with something else.

They are now all on antibiotics, because as it turns out, we have/have been battling sinus infections.  Nolan is right on the border of being big enough for the adult dosages; but my dr wanted to make it easy on me and get them all the same thing.  Guess even he realizes I can't keep them straight!  We got chewables, chewable Amoxicillin, no problem, right?

You'd think.

Nolan and Ryan--chew 'em up, move on like pros.  Ben--bitches, chews, gags, vomits it up.  At least he missed my foot.  Whatever.  I don't care if I have to hide it in a chunk of peanut butter, that boy is taking his meds.  Actually, the pharmacist couldn't fill the whole rx, so I have to go back to get the rest tomorrow.  And I'll ask her to please make Ben's chewables a liquid.  <eyeroll> OY!

Nolan cracked me up tonight.  We went to get some food, after aikido.  He looks at the clock and says, "we have to hurry!"  I look at the clock, adding "I'm gonna miss 'House'--you bet we better hurry!"  "No, Mom, the Star Wars Clone Wars is on at 8 too!"  (We are into the animated Star Wars on Cartoon Network, the little episodes are 15 minutes long this time, one each night all week.)  "Oh, don't worry, we'll make it."  I'm looking outside, and turn back to him, and he's curled up in the fetal position with his thumb in his mouth.  When I look at him, he says "I don't think I'll make it, Mom."  I gave him a little smack on the leg, I was laughing so hard.  Where did that come from?  It's a good thing he rolls out some good ones once in a while, it makes the sullen pre-teen act much easier to take.

I have a six yr old that won't give up my room, and a two yr old clamoring for her own bed.   With "Hello Kitty" sheets, of course.  I have created a little HK monster.  Here I thought I was introducing her to something cute that I love too, and she's taken it to the toddler extreme.  The toddler extreme of love, love, loving it to death.  Oh well.  At least it's not bugs or something unpleasant.  (I can deal with the boy stuff, but bugs, they give me the willies.  Not that I don't stomp when I need too, lol.)

Speaking of boy activities...I'm in the bathroom helping Audrey (yay, potty training, can I get an amen?) when Ben and Ryan come bursting in, no knock, no warning.  Talking at the same time, of course, because that's what they do. 

"Mom!  Ryan farted on me!"  "Ben farted on me first!"  Giggle, deep breath, giggle.  "You know what?  I don't care.  No one got hurt <stifle giggle> GET.." "But Mo-om.." "OUT.  GET OUT. GO. Now."  I shoo them away.  Those things don't get to me, not anymore. The little miss just needed her "privacy".  Besides, the bodily function antics are only gonna get worse.  And, according to my friend that I relayed this story to earlier, they will not outgrow it.  Big boys fart on each other too.

And they wonder why we like scented candles, sprays, and potpourri so much?

Hey, it's better than running around lighting matches all the time. 

Safer too.  Hey--I get that!


P.S. "if I were a king, if I had everything, if I had you then I could give you your dreams...if I had it all"  Hmm.  I gave my cousin a list of DMB songs, and voila, he burned them on cds for me.  I'm so digging it (and the Gwen/No Doubt one he made me), I'm gonna have to bake him his favorite cookies (he likes Mexican wedding cookies/also known as Russian tea cakes, or snowballs, or...) in gratitude.  I am very much looking forward to the release of the new DMB cd in May.  I've heard the new song on the radio, and on that AOL:radio thingy.  Love it.  I looked 'em up, and they'll be in concert in August here.  Happy Birthday to me!!  (LOL, better start looking for a sitter now...)  Thanks, Rod-





pixiedustnme said...

We recently finished 30 days worth of the chewables here for chronic sinusitis (basically a sinus infection you can't get rid of)  They will only dispense the yummy pink stuff 10 days at a time so the ped thought she was doing me a favor with the chewables - NOT!  Boy did princess complain EVERYTIME.  Oh she ate them, gagged on them half the time.  I was tempted to just go get the pink stuff, but we stuck it out.  Happily I can report she hasn't had a ear/sinus infection in a few weeks which is a new record for us!

suzypwr said...

I admit I was a mean mom, but I was creative too. Her dad is a pharmacist. I used to tell her that if she didn't take her medicine by mouth as prescribed, I would go right back to the pharmacy (we were not married any more by then, though) and get the same medicine in a suppository. I only had to explain what that meant once. I assured her every medicine also came in a suppository. Momma-lying to get medicine down is good, right?

Eye drops required a judo move called an arm bar the first time. After that, I just had to say "eye drops" and she would lie down on the floor for her drops, quietly. You have to treat conjunctivitis!