Friday, April 8, 2005


I have been thinking about dreams ever since last weekend's Saturday Six.

I dream, all the time, and can recall them pretty well the next day.  When I was getting married, I'd have all these dreams about things going wrong with the ceremony, etc. that my friend Janna used to reassure me were just my mind working out the stress in a (somewhat) non-threatening way.

When I was pregnant, it would always intensify.  I had a gory dream about my cat being vivisected (ew) and dreams about swimming with whales during my first time around.  And every single night that I was pregnant with Ben, I had dreams about a particular celebrity.  LOL, I was the best-rested preggo ever, I mean if you were dreaming about um, david duchovny, wouldn't you be?  Of course, these dreams were interspersed with heart-pounding ones where I dreamt that I lost Nolan or someone took him from me while we were out shopping. (I still have these, about all of them, and I've noticed a pattern to them--they happen when I'm stressed about whatever is happening to them in their kiddie lives that I find worrisome-)  And with these, I also attributed them to my mind working out the stress of pregnancy, having another baby to care for, or preggo hormones (aren't they fun?).

I was amused when I read this month's issue of InStyle (my fav annual best beauty buys issue).  There's an article with Sandra Bullock, who says that she has "vivid (racy) dreams that I'm convinced are real, where I'm with someone I know, and the next day I can't look at the person.  And they don't know why-in my head we've had this torrid affair."  I had to laugh.  I have these dreams too, but most of the time, it's not someone I know, and I can figure out how Mr W works into the grand scheme of the thing.  However, if it does happen to be someone I know, well, there's a lot of stammering and blushing the next time I happen to run into them, if I can manage a sentence at all without recalling some of the dream at the same time.  Oh, so embarrassing!  (LOL, there is no kind of stress I can give these credit to, which makes it even worse, even if they are entertaining.  And although it may seem racy to me at the time, when I think about it, my dreams rarely get past the get-acquainted stage...not innocent, but hardly pornographic-)

I had one of these last night.  I'm blushing right now. And yet, it was strangely disappointing, what with the attitude of the person in it, who was almost mad about the whole thing.  Hey, that's not my fault, I didn't chose the guest star this time.  Aack!  At least it's not someone I see on a daily basis, I have time to recover my composure.

Hee hee.  Until tonight? ;)

Ha, my mind is a funny thing lately.  Forgetting things, odd dreams, what's next?

I need a nap....a dreamless, restful one.


mum24boyz said...

Had one of "those dreams" about a male co-worker of mine..the very next day, he was on shift with me at the hospital.. talk about weird.. I just kept laughing all night long. He probably was in it because he is a big flirt with the! Still couldn't help but feel embarassed!

Robyn :)

robinngabster said...

OMG! I have those all the time! It was really bad when I worked with this super hot dentist and had to sit next to him all day...I could hardly look at him, sometimes our knees would bump under the patient chair (we had to sit closely) and I would JUST DIE....he would smile and I would think OMG HE KNOWS what I am dreaming about him.  BTW~ I have even had these dreams about people online I have never met...I think I need to watch what I eat before bedtime. LOL  Robin

suzypwr said...

David D dreams must have been very pleasant! Wooooo....
My dreams are vivid like that too. I would be lost without them, I think my life would be more boring without those off-the-wall dreams I have sometimes!

pixiedustnme said...

so does this mean next time i have a strange dream i should be running out to buy an EPT?  rofl!  and i just love the new font look - so much easier to read!