Friday, April 22, 2005

My girl

How on earth does a girl get inventive when she's gotta tell her man that he's knocked her up--again?

I don't think I handled it very well with Audrey's upcoming appearance.  He was home for lunch (oh, good timing). He's getting some ice, and I tell him that not only had I not received the monthly visit yet, but that I wouldn't be receiving a visit anytime soon.  Smmooth, that's me.  I can't remember much of his reaction, other than the deep breath he took.  Hey, the kitchen was dark...

As things progressed, I always worried at the back of my mind about how he was dealing with the whole 'another baby' issue.  Sure, we talked, and he was reassuring, but I still worried. 

Until he came home with a funny story one night after an ASU football game.  He'd run into a childhood friend of his, and had told him the news of our new addition.  His friend said to him, "Another baby?  Why don't you just climb on up there (gestures to the top of the stadium) and jump off right now?"  Mr W was laughing, and had a huge grin on his face, so I knew then that everything would be fine.

Today is Audrey's birthday.  She's 3!

She was supposed to be born on the 19th, but I had a really bad cough/cold, and as she was a C-section, I didn't want to be coughing up a lung and dealing with my stitches too.  Luckily, my dr agreed and rescheduled us.

It's surreal when you have a scheduled C-section.  You basically just show up, and a couple of hours later, bam, there you have it.  It takes longer to prep you than to actually get the baby out...usually.  Being the old pro at that that I am, I was laying there, pretty much waiting to hear her. What's taking so long? Tug. Tug.  "We're having a little trouble getting her out." (Great.  Why don'tcha just push on me a little more, because that is so pleasant?)  And suddenly, there she was, crying away.  I looked up at Mr W:  "Can you see her?"  "No, not yet."  Someone appeared at my side, "Here she is..."

Oh!  Look at her--chubby cheeks; round, perfect head.  Ugh, waxy!

And little.  At 7lbs 11oz and 19 inches, my smallest baby.  LOL, as she was the 4th, I thought she'd weigh 15 lbs and come out walking...but instead, I got a baby that looked very babyish for a long time. 

She's grown into a handful, though.  I often tell Mr W that had she been the first baby, she'd have been the only baby. (Kidding, of course.)

So spunky, funny, spirited, smart, and beautiful...just like her brothers.  And so much fun for Mom to finally be able to have some pink in the house. 

The thing I like the most about her is that while she is a very girly girl, she likes to play in the dirt.  In her dresses.  And she's not afraid to be rough--for example, she very daintily removed her shoes yesterday, told the big boys "Ok, I'm ready" and jumped right into the fray afterschool, leaping right onto their dog pile.  My girl with sass.

Tomorrow, we're having a little "Hello Kitty" party for her and she can hardly wait. Of course, she's running around making the boys do her bidding as usual, but today, she's announcing "it's my birthday" before she issues her commands.  Offers they can't refuse, so to speak.

We don't stand a chance, and that's fine.  Three only comes once, and it's a tryrannical year, so I'm starting it off with a bang. 

A big, PINK, bang.



deniden said...

At first, I thought you were asking for advice on how to tell Mr. W you were having another one, lol.


ksquester said...

Congratulations.....I have a granddaughter, Sedona, who is 4. She has 2 brothers and can 'hold her own." She loves her dresses and hello Kitty too!  Anne

pixiedustnme said...

it MUST be a girl thing, because for the first year I said the same thing "if she would have been my first one - no WAY i would have had another!"

vangothy said...

Hey, that first sentence stopped my heart for a second, thought you had a shocking announcement for us! Been home from work taking care of hubby after sinus surgery, ugh, but having fun reading your journal. Happy Birthday to the little pink princess!

suzypwr said...

I also thought you meant at first you had another bun in the oven! Happy Birthday to Audrey!

mum24boyz said...

oh, how I want some pink!!!! <sigh>

mom2kk11 said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Audrey! Her party sounded fab. What a great day for a little girl. :)