Monday, April 4, 2005

For Nana's amusement

Once I got in from work yesterday, we dropped off Mr W at the ASU baseball game (where my Dad was gonna meet him) and headed over to my Mom's.

The kids were very excited to be going over as Nana just got some new furniture and they couldn't wait to run their grubby little hands on it.  We're all lounging around her house, just hanging out.  Nolan was watching tv, I was reading, Ben and Ryan were playing a video game in the bedroom, and Audrey was....?  (I thought) with my Mom.   There were no bloodcurdling calls for help from anyone, so I figured she was following Nana around like she always does.  The phone rang, but Nolan and I were beached on the new comfy furniture, so neither of us made a move to get it, lol.   

A few minutes later, my Mom comes into the living room, and she's amused. 

"Guess who that was?"  she asked.

"Shrimpy Nana?"  I answered.

"No, that was the 911 operator.  Your diablita apparently called them.  The operator said to me 'Excuse me, is everything ok?  The cutest little girl just called me, and said it was her birthday, and she was having a party, and then hung up.  I'm just calling to make sure you are all ok.'  I told her we were fine, mija, and she was really nice about it.  She was laughing.  Esa muchachita!  I can't believe that she called 911!  All these boys, all these grandchildren (she has 8 now) and no one has EVER done that before!"  My Mom just laughed. 

"Great."  That's all I need, a child cold-dialing and chatting up strangers.  What's next, dialing China, making travel arrangements?

At least she hung up the phone.  At least someone heard it ring and answered when they called back to check on us before a policeman was sent to do it.

Oh, that would have been fun to explain.  "No, we have no idea where the toddler is or what she's doing." 

Just another reason for me to get nominated for "Mother of the Year", right?  ;)


suzypwr said...

Oh, dear, I suggest you pack and run NOW before it's too late and you get too attached to her. Escape while you still can!

robinngabster said...

You get a vote from me for MOther of the Year!!!!