Monday, April 18, 2005

Today's Blue Screen Special

Ohhh, don't the powers that be at AOL know better than to mess with me on a Monday morning? 

I'm just trying to get my daily dose of "Un-Common Sense"....and there is nothing but the big BLUE screen to greet me.  ??  What's up with that?  The answer to this mystery was revealed to me by email:


EDITORS(s),   I can no longer reach my primary journal at I returned from vacation to find out that there was an apparent attempt to up-load improper files to my ftp space.  I loaded cute beach and bird pictures, not TOS violation trash.   My screen name was locked.  When this was corrected, I could no longer reach my primary journal; however, I can reach my other journals.   Attempting to deal with the Community Action Team is extremely .. EXTREMELY .. difficult.  Several .. SEVERAL .. times, I have to repeat .. REPEAT .. what I had already stated in very clear and uncertain terms.    I simply want my main journal put back where it was and with all of my past journals as they were - and I don't want to be transferred to 17 more people who have to struggle .. STRUGGLE .. through their communication skills to accomplish a simple task.   As I stated in my journal while I was featured at the top of your list, I would be more than willing .. MORE THAN WILLING .. to pay extra for every single call where I can speak to someone who understands English.   I am having to spell, re-spell, and re-spell, and re-spell my journal name - screen name and URL to people who continually "re-assure" me that they are going to help me... and that I should worry about anything.   This is ridiculous.  RIDICULOUS.   What do I need to do to get my journal back?   Please, oh please, oh PLEASE give me a phone number where I can speak with anyone .. ANYONE .. at AOL who speaks English and is capable of solving problems.   Regards,   Armand


There you have it.  Interestingly enough, the only objectionable thing you might run  into in Armand's journal is an opinion that might differ from your own. 

I'm off to practice my language skills.   When the journal lock is off, and Armand is back, I'm gonna need them to complain about those cute beach pictures (because even a seagull shouldn't be seen wearing a Speedo).


suzypwr said...

He is back. Did you get a link?

armandt said...

Thanks for backing me on this...

There was an unbelievable amount of Bovine Scat to dredge through before I could finally reach an English speaking person at AOL.  She managed to coerce someone from the executive office to call me back who basically told me 'tough luck' and left me to continue my plans to find another service.

Finally, someone from Integrity Assurance calls and tells me there never was a TOS violation and they're sorry they can not reinstate my journal, although I am free to re-create it.

What's a year and a half of work?  Just re-post it...  easy!

The only consolation is... I lost a year and a half of work - so they're giving me a free year and a half of service.

I'm certain that the wave of support from other journals, like yours, must've caught some eyes...

Lemme know if I can ever go to bat for you!!

~ Armand