Saturday, April 9, 2005

Comfy, comfy

Well, it's finally here--Mr W's recliner!

I got called a couple of days ago that it was in.  Initially, I was supposed to have it delivered, but impatience took over and I changed the arrangements so we could pick it up today.  It's this chair in this fabric.  You'll have to use your imagination to put the two together.  Trust me, it looks good in the room.

It comes apart into two pieces, and that's how I got it home in the van.  So we had to put it back together when we got it into the house, and let me just say that it's harder to do than it looks...and Mr W got a little irritated while doing it.   Men!  Chill, dude, it's a chair...

He's been in it since we got it set up.  I think he's taken bathroom, dinner, and snack breaks, but that's it, lol.  We've all been circling him like sharks, waiting for our chance to strike, but he's sneaky and quick, so we've only managed to have 'try-out-tap-your-butt-down-into-the-seat, okay, that's enough' moments.  I'm surprised he doesn't encase it in bubble wrap every time he gets up so we don't sit in it or <gasp> soil it.

He's so very pleased with it, that I teased him:  "Yeah, sure, I see how this'll turn out,  if something happened, and you left me.   I'd get the kids and the dogs, you'd get the chair, right?  Do I need a post-nupt now?"  I think I may have briefly seen a smile cross his face, but he's so relaxed, it's hard to tell.  (Although, as rooted as he is in that thing, I don't think he'll be in a hurry to go anywhere anytime soon.)

That's ok.  I'm a patient girl, remember?  He has to go to work sometime...and I will seize his spot the second the garage door closes on Tuesday morning. 

That's if the cats and kids don't beat me to it. 

A little catnip and "it's time for school, guys" oughta take care of that.  ;)


deniden said...

It does look like a comfy chair!


suzypwr said...

It looks almost exactly like the black leather chair I am sitting in right now with my laptop on my lap - you know you could get one for yourself! Make room!

I also have a black leather love seat that has recliners on both sides - perfect for two people, and a few dogs.