Monday, April 11, 2005

He is Wonderful, indeed!

Okay, here's the deal:  I bought the new U2 cd a while ago, LOVED it and told Mr W I wanted to go...and maybe take the boys, cuz I thought it might be fun. 

The tickets sold out for two shows here before I even knew they were on sale.  I was bitter, because I've seen them before, and they really put on a good show.  I even started to seethe a bit everytime a song came up on the radio (I'd change stations) or my iPod (I'd skip it) like a big baby (WAAAHH!)  Oh well, I thought, it's for the best, I couldn't have taken all of us anyway--kinda expensive, lol.

Last night, we were in the car, and of course, the radio guys are talking about the upcoming concert, and I told Mr W, "You know, I'm gonna try to win tickets all week."  And I still pouted like a big baby because I was disappointed about the whole deal.  Ultimately, it's not something that would've mattered in the grand scheme of things, but I really wanted to go, and felt silly for dropping the ball and not finding out when the tickets were gonna be available in the first place.  

Mr W walked in today after physical therapy and started feverishly typing on the computer.  He calls me over, hands me a piece of paper, and says "Call this number, and tell them you listen to 620, and that you are calling about U2 tickets.  They have some available at face value.  You SO owe me :) "  He went on to say that he's horrible at remembering phone #'s, so he turned off the radio to concentrate, and chanted the name of the ticket place all the way home.  AWWW.  I'm feeling the love.

I called.  I got tickets for FRIDAY NIGHT!!  It's a DATE!!!  My Mom will babysit, and puppy sit (more on that later) and the bottom line is I'm going to the concert! 

Now, I just need to find out exactly what it is that I owe him....


pixiedustnme said...

You SUCK!  LOL - have a good time :-)

deniden said...

Have a good time! Whatever it is you owe him, I'm sure it can't be that bad. ;)


slyracing1 said...

Just a quick side note... Great entries lately!!!!  You go girl!  Ok, I can totally relate to this story only mine goes like this... Score front row tickets to [showing my age] Jimmy Buffet [Cheeseburger in Paradise] it is one of our "Lake" CD's...
Long Story short - Grampa broke his hip so I had to give the tickets away... [good news is I gave them to one of Kieffer's teachers -hopefully he'll get a good grade in that class -
Enjoying all your entries!!!
Hugs, Kendra

suzypwr said...

Great deal! And I bet you think of some great ways to repay him!