Thursday, April 7, 2005

It's still missing

Some more tales reflecting my total lack of focus:

The other night, I was following Mr W home.  He left the garage door open since I'd be pulling in shortly.  I saw the door still open as I drove up, and I still reached up for the remote anyway, and shut the door as I drove into the driveway.  At least he got a laugh out of that.

Today, I'm looking ahead, planning for Audrey's big birthday.  It'll just be family and friends, cake, and 'tiny' food.  (She is currently obsessed with 'tiny'.  She holds her index finger and thumb just about an inch apart, and proclaims "tiny" juice, "tiny" poop, "tiny" whatever.  It's adorable.)  She happens to conveniently like 'tiny' bite size pizzas I get from the Schwan's man, so I thought, oooh, perfect for our get together.  'Tiny' oven work, 'tiny' cleanup, 'tiny' is good.  

I clear out some room in the freezer to make space for the extra pizzas.  I order extras when he shows up.  I'm loading up the freezer, telling everyone that these pizzas are not for ordinary consumption, but for Audrey's little party...when it dawns on me the Schwan's guy comes every two weeks.  He'll be here again a couple of days before I'll actually be needing them, which would have worked out just great, but instead, I have a freezer full of 'tiny' pizza right now. 'Tiny' is not so good.  

Ordinarily, this would be nothing to get all wound up about, but with the size of my freezer, I have to at least sigh at myself as I rub my temples wondering 'what was I thinking?' At least now, if they do eat some of them, it'll be no big deal.  I can still get some more.  And if no one eats them at her little soiree because they are all jacked up on sugar and excitement, and I still have a freezer full,  well, I can always count on my coworkers.  Nothing goes unclaimed for long there, even if it looks like it could walk out of the freezer all by itself.

This airheadedness is really getting to bug me.   Okay, so you forget something once or twice, it's charming, it's idiosyncratic...but for the last ten days or so?  I better stop the vitamins, and start the ginko biloba.   I hate it when I'm off my game, off my rocker, just off.  Egad, who has time for that? 

Tomorrow, Ryan and Nolan both have field trips.  I have to pack lunches for both of them.  Anyone want to place bets that I somehow mix them up?

Mr W has the day off, and we are taking Audrey and joining all the kindergartners (Ryan's class + all the others) at the zoo.  I'm not worried about keeping track of kids, or not having fun (it's Audrey's first time there).

I'm just hoping I remember where we park the van.


deniden said...

Hopefully you have keyless entry, then you can just keep hitting the alarm button and it will beep at you until you find it! Haha. Have fun at the zoo! I still loving going to zoos and I'm 22!


suzypwr said...

Oh hell, you will be lucky to remember to zip your pants. The kids will keep an eye on each other, just make them count off every now and then.

Go get your hormone levels checked, girl. Or sit down with yourself and see if there is something bothering you that you don't want to think about and it's crowding your little mind up.

Otherwise, your boys are old enough to make their own lunches to be sure they get the right ones. (I know, LMAO.....)


jevanslink said...

Just to let you know I'm here a lot, lurking.  And laughing a lot.  Mrs. L