Sunday, April 24, 2005

She moves me

"Close your eyes, honey.  You've had a busy day."  She rolls towards me and I feel her hand on my cheek.  I'm in her bed, trying to convince her to go to sleep.  (She's been doing ok so far in her own bed, and yes, it has Hello Kitty sheets w/ a hot pink blanket, of course.  But I have to stay with her until she knocks out, and I always fall asleep too.  Comfy bed.  Soothing room.  Tired, glad-to-be-staying-still Mom.) 

"Those boys are soo lyowd." 

"Yes, they are, but once you are asleep you won't hear them at all.  Close'em."

I stroke her bangs off her forehead, as I tell her:  "You had your pink balloons, tiny pizzas, a huge pinata, some presents, and birthday cake.  Did you have a good day?"

"Yes."  "But what was your favorite part?"

I see her pause and think..."um, my birthday?  My Hello Kitty."  I sigh--so much for that idea. 

We lay there for a few minutes, and I suddenly hear a little voice as I feel a little hand reach up to stroke the bangs off my forehead.

"What was your favorite part?"

The answer comes out before I realize I'm saying it:
"Laying here next to you, looking at the clouds."   

(I painted clouds on a blue ceiling for her--and Ryan--before she was born.  The walls are a light purply blue, and it's very soothing in there, with the night light, there's just enough light to see them and it gives the room a glow.  This room is one of my favorite places to be.)

We had a great time today.  I think the most fun the kids all had was beating on the pinata.  How often does Mom hand you a bat and tell you to have at it?  It was simply enormous (taller than Audrey) and the boys in particular loved the idea of hitting Hello Kitty--imagine that.  I believe it was Kaylen that delivered the fatal blow, and Nolan who proceeded to try and hog all the candy into a pile in front of him...

And the cake was delicious.


deniden said...

Man, I remember pinatas when I was little. They were like such a big deal. Now, I want a pinata. Maybe for my 23rd birthday, I can convince Christian to get me one, I'm already trying to convince him that we should go skydiving.


suzypwr said...

Sounds like a great birthday party! I hope the young lady finally fell asleep...both of you!

perkysgrl said...

Hi~ I found your link and decided to stop by and read up...
This entry is just too sweet... Audrey sounds a lot like my
daughter!  Glad she had a great birthday... I know I'm posting
on an older entry... OH well...

jgh000 said...