Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Puppy love

Max is back home again.

The vet said that he most likely ate something he shouldn't have, and started the vomiting...then got dehydrated...and couldn't bounce back from it because he's so small.  Also, she says that even though he was weaned, that he may have been sneaking a sip from his Mom occasionally, and that would count for his fluids too, but when we got him maybe he wasn't drinking enough to make up for that loss.  I told her I'd have to agree, because I've seen him searching and trying to nurse on Shadow when they're together!  Poor little guy! 

He's a much different pup today.  Playful, curious, and much more active.  He was playing and running around with Shadow; chasing Audrey, and looking for trouble earlier.  He's eating a bit, and keeping it all down.  And he follows me!  I was making cookies this morning and he was at my feet in the kitchen.

He's asleep at my feet right now.  Aside from the shaved parts on his leg where his IV's were, he looks really good.

Bless his little furry heart.


mom2kk11 said...

I've been wondering about little Max all day long!
I'm so glad he's home.

robinngabster said... glad he is almost back to 100%~  Gotta love those pets of ours!

screaminremo303 said...

I need to stop coming here before dinner.

mum24boyz said...

So glad he is home :) Poor little pup..

Robyn :)

deniden said...

Awww lil puppy iv's....


suzypwr said...

Aw, poor little baby! Max too :)