Saturday, December 18, 2004

Road trip

Big day tomorrow...

I'll be trapped in the van with the kids and a sleepy husband.  We're going to Tucson, to have dinner with my brother-in-law and his family.  Ordinarily, I enjoy going to see them once I get over my 'oh, great, do I really have to pack up all this s***?' dread.  My sister-in-law takes great care of me, she never makes me cook (unless I volunteer to help), because she plans the whole deal and just basically asks us to show up.  BLESS HER!!  It's hard enough getting everyone situated to go without worrying that I forgot the main course.  And in spite of his affection for the wrong university, I really like my brother-in-law.  I'm sure he'll stop giving me crap about ASU losing this year about 10 minutes after we head back home.   He likes to read even more than I do and always has a couple of books to throw my way, so maybe I can use that as a diversionary tactic.  Hopefully, Audrey will be over her fear of him by now.  He has a deep voice, and is a pretty big guy, and she wants nothing to do with him for a couple of hours after we arrive.  She clings to me like a monkey-baby, and won't socialize with him at all. 

As for the boys, once we get there, I probably won't see them again until dinnertime.  They love playing with their cousin (he's 13, so he's the coolest to them) and I'm sure they will be in his room playing video games.  My older nephew will probably be there with his girlfriend.  Hopefully I will be over my bad first impression of her and play nice.  I think I just caught her on a bad day last time.

Mr. W will, I'm praying, be asleep all the way down there.  He's been working a lot of extra hours this week, tomorrow is his only day off until Friday, and well, it's just much easier for me to drive if he's not watching my every move.  I really try to be a good sport about that, but man, I hate driving because he's a horrible passenger (cop thing, I think). 

All in all, it should be an interesting day.  Especially if I make all the kids wear their ASU shirts, LOL.

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deniden said...

Horrible passenger = all men thing.

Christian thinks I tailgate and drive too fast (ok, maybe the drive too fast thing is true), and he will not shut up about it, whether we are driving to Wawa or across the damn state.

Have fun!