Saturday, December 11, 2004

A gift from Jay-Z??

I've received an early Christmas present, from an unlikely source. Actually, it probably will brighten up more faces than my own. Believe it or not, rapper Jay-Z had a comment today in the paper, on whether he prefers skinny model types or a woman with curves (it was from an article in this month's InStyle).  He is quoted as saying:

"I've dated both.  I've got to say, I like a woman with a body.  Don't starve yourself.  That's not cute."

Anyone smiling yet?  Or are there only knit brows out there?

Hey, keep in mind that this is the man that dates the bootylicious, lovely Beyonce.  And while ahem, I don't claim to have curves that even approach that level of bootyliciousness, it is so nice to see, in print, in a mainstream magazine, a comment like that.  A small victory for all the women out there that are closer to the fuller end of the spectrum as opposed to the skinny end of the stick.  Perhaps some girl out there struggling with her self image would see something like that and think, hey, maybe having (what's the phrase?) a little extra 'junk in the trunk' is not so bad. 

Of course, who knows who might be on the cover of this month's InStyle (I haven't seen it).  It could be the pretty Renee Zellweger, who's gained and lost for the Bridget Jones movies (she's said "I have no problem shedding weight.  My problem is gaining it.").  Or whatever skeletal It girl is the current favorite.  At any rate, I'll take that comment, Jay-Z, and keep it in a safe place. 

I'll resist printing up posters and planting them all over women's restrooms across the city.

My other early gift came from another celeb.  Hey, it's Friday, I admit the guilty pleasure of reading the YES section of the Az Republic, which is sometimes, my girly girl fix for the week on the cheap...  Salma Hayek, bless her beautiful little Mexican self, had this quote:

"I think the smartest women are the most intimidating to men."

I let loose a whoop that had the kids looking at me funny when I read that one.  I only got a minor eyeroll from Mr W when I read that out loud to him and began to rant.  I told him that I really think that that statement is true, to a certain extent.  I think that had it not been for Mr W, I probably would never have had a date in high school, because I wasn't exactly someone any of the boys my age wanted to take on.  They'd heard my big mouth for years, and I am sure that they were not about to deal with that.  Honestly, only one person, not my guy, ever really told me that he thought my bookishness was a sexy bonus, and well, I had my guy, so I wasn't interested.  ONE.  Only one!  The others satisfied themselves making comments to piss me off and get me to rave on, or asking me to set them up with my friends.  I had a giggly exchange with Mr W about this, too, b/c I said to him, after I told him I wouldn't have had a date, that my nerdiness didn't matter to him, b/c it just didn't; as he wasn't interested in my mind at the time.  He denied this at first, but when pressed said he'd give none of his secrets up to me.  (And since he's older than I am, he did not have the benefit of listening to my opinionated preteen self like the boys my age...)  The conversation took a turn for the worse when somehow, it came to him saying that although he may not have had my mind foremost on his list at the time, that I have since surpassed him on this front, and basically, he was telling me that I am the one who doesn't have his mind foremost on my list.  Yup, he stood there, looking awfully cute in that uniform, and told me that I was, um, oversexed.  Really.  I swear. And the problem would be ?????

(Just gotta love that uniform thing, the best part of my day is when he's getting ready for work, and I admit, I do have a weakness for it.  I smile to myself everytime I see even a random officer, it's been well documented, he knows, my friends know, I know I am not alone on this one, so there.  I'll tell you all about it some other time...) 

But back to the thought, I think that it's true, some men are intimidated by smart women.  However, now that I'm older, I realize that the guys that are intimidated by smart women are(were) not necessarily the best choices anyway.  They should like you because they like you, the whole package, not just the frills.  So it's probably ok that the dreamy guy in the locker next to yours that didn't want to talk to you because you could spell 'cajones' didn't. 

Besides, I hear he married the captain of the cheerleading squad and they are living happily in a trailer park in Laveen with the child they conceived on Prom night.  (see?  big mouth, I couldn't resist..)

Now, smart MEN on the other hand...hmmm.  I will take this time to smile politely, keep my mouth shut, and stay out of trouble. 

 But they may bring it on, anytime.  Rrrrrrrrrr.


deniden said...

I love Jay-Z, but now, I love him more. :) Me & my sisters all have a bit of a white girl ghetto booty, which I hated in my middle school years but now flaunt like it's nobody's business. I've never been a super skinny girl, besides when I had health problems and lost weight unintentionally, and while I go to the gym (but certainly don't eat right, haha) - I know I'll never be that super skinny girl and I'm ok with that. I'd rather have some meat on me and tone to my body than be a stick some guy would be afraid to break in half in bed.

Mr. W thinks you're oversexed, that's funny - Christian thinks the same about me. Then I ask, would you rather have it how I am or have me be one of those women who never wants it? He says he's lucky to have me, lol.

I agree with you on the uniform thing. To me, most men in any uniform is hot, but Christian doesn't wear a uniform - he does concrete construction. So I, instead, get a man all sweaty in a cut off t-shirt with jeans and workboots. Yeah - gotta love that, too. ;)


mombzbe said...

Deniden, don't even get me started on the charm of a sweaty man in workboots...
For the most part, I  Mr W appreciates my enthusiasm in his own way ;) even if he teases me about it.