Friday, December 24, 2004

Hopefully, an isolated incident

I've been waiting for this.  Last night, after we got home, Nolan tells me he has a stomach ache.  I chalk it up to whatever he's had at his friends house,  tell him to take it easy, and am totally surprised to find him asleep on the couch before 10.  I'd expected him to stay up late, what with no school and all today.

I was up late, and it seemed like I'd just gone to bed when I feel someone poking me "mom.  Mom.  MOM.."  I jolt up, and there's Nolan.  "I just hurled."  Oh boy, I think.  Here's my holiday sickie.

Poor guy has been vominating all night and this a.m. too.  (Ryan's word, 'vominating')  He thinks it was a bad hot dog.  We've all been there before....

And if that's really the case, then I won't worry too much about the rest of us sharing the joy.

But I'm gonna wash all the towels, just in case, lol.

It just wouldn't be a holiday if someone wasn't sick, right?

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deniden said...

Poor baby. Hope he feels better in time to open his gifts tomorrow - as if my hope is needed for that to happen - hahaha.


P.S. Have a great holiday!