Sunday, August 5, 2007

They work cheap

I blanched but kept my mouth shut today when my husband told the kids to clean out the inside of the battle van.

I didn't have to say anything because they protested enough all on their own.  I saw his point, though, so I also ordered them out.

"But Moooom," Nolan whined, "there's nothing in there that belongs to me, do I have to?"

"It's just like the house, son.  We all live here, we all clean it up.  We all use the van, we should all clean it up.  I spend a lot my time in it, hauling the lot of you around, and yesterday, when my co-worker and I used it to go to lunch, I found myself praying it didn't smell too much like ass as I unlocked the door.  I gave her the "I have no idea what's in there" disclaimer, too.  Thank god I had taken those blueberry muffins to work, and their scent lingered."

"I guarantee you will find at least one thing, hmmmm, let's see, like a game recharger, that belongs to you.  You'll see."

Sure, I fretted as they went out the door, but I didn't follow.  I told them where our freaky outdoor vacuum was, and that was that.  I giggled as I overheard Nolan and Ben bickering, over who would do what, and I really chortled when I overheard my words coming out of Nolan's mouth:  "You just have to make this more difficult, don't you??"

I walked down the hall, stood in the doorway to my bedroom, and bowed down to Mr W.  "Brilliant!  Genius to put them to work..." as I updated him on the comments I'd heard.

It didn't go entirely smoothly, but they all tried--even Audrey helped.  Nolan found a game recharger, as predicted.  (Behold the power of Mommy and fear her omniscience!!)

And now the van smells like Simple Green.

With a hint, just a teeny hint, of ass.

(You can't have everything when the labor is free.)


pixiedustnme said...

That's too funny!  I sort of had a similar day that I posted about in my "other" journal....

robinngabster said...

AOL just ate my comment...I will make it short this time.

I noticed ass smell in my truck not long ago.  This is not normal for my truck, hubby's yes but not mine.  After busting out a new air freshner the smell still was wasn't until my folks came for a visit and my Mom discovered it was a two week old tube of refridgerator biscuits that had rolled under the seat.  LOL!  It didn't explode but it sure smelled.

screaminremo303 said...

My Blazer smells like ass because I fart in it alot. No biscuits were harmed during this comment.

perkysgrl said...

"And now the van smells like Simple Green.  With a hint, just a teeny hint, of ass."


I wish my kids were old enough to clean out my car... they leave so much crap in there, it isn't even funny!!


chat2missie said...

I've been surfing thru J-land today looking for new journals to read.  I also have kids and I'm a SAHM.  I'll be adding your journal to my alerts.  Check me out sometime.

jckfrstross said...

LOL at least your van is somewhat clean:) enjoy your week


wshgranter said...

Smells like ass - kind of that pubescent wet dog, little boy smell... I know that smell!

PS - the braces ordeal went just fine.  They hurt for a day or two and were good to go!