Sunday, August 12, 2007

Stepping outside

I tend to get into little ruts.  It's easy to do, with all the kids and the things that need to get done; I don't vary the routine much or I'd drop all the balls, then where would everyone be?

So last Monday, I had the chance to step outside my box, and I am really glad I did.  The petite wonder, Suzy, was in town, and as she likes to walk, Remo suggested we take her to the arboretum.  I'd never been there, so I was all for it. 

I knew I was in for a good day when he showed up with a breakfast burrito.  Considering I'd just choked down a banana and was going to call it a meal, I was very happy.

(Geez, I'm a little easy.)

Anyway, we met up with Suz, and were off.  It was a perfect overcast day, and the arboretum was pretty empty, considering, and that was nice.

What a wonderful place. (I am now kicking myself for ignoring it all these years as it was mentioned in the 'things to do this weekend' sidebars in the newspaper.)Walking around there, some of the areas reminded me of walking in the desert near where I grew up, and it felt so much like home, I couldn't help but relax.  You just gotta love that.

Remo was an excellent tour guide, so much so that he got us to try some jujubes growing on one of the trees.  We decided they tasted a bit like apples.  Not bad.  There were lots of butterflies, caterpillars, a fat black widow, and a snake.

A sizable rattlesnake.  Far enough away to not make anyone run screaming off into the wilderness, but close enough to know that you probably wouldn't want to take it home for show-and-tell.

I did bring home a plant, as did Remo, and I am happy to report that while mine isn't in the ground yet, I have managed to keep it alive.  Et tu, my friend?

The funny thing is, I can't pronounce 'arboretum' to save my life.  It comes out in the most ridiculous incarnations, my tongue just refuses to cooperate.

I was in the car, giggling to myself, trying to get through it in my head, whispering my attempts.   Ben and Nolan overheard, and questioned my sanity.  I said, "It's just this word I can't pronounce" which they assumed to be a bad word.  As though all I do is curse.  *ahem* I do not.

I might not be able to say where I am going, but I will definately go there again.


chat2missie said...

sounds like a great place.  Glad you enjoyed your self.

jevanslink said...

I could see Remo driving the tour bus and handing out burritos when this current gig runs out.  

Mrs. L

screaminremo303 said...

Try this one: "Arbor Eat'um"

Mine is still alive. I think it gave me the stink-eye when I went outside to get the mail. I'll get to it.

It was fun. You know if we keep this up, she's going to end up moving here.

suzypwr said...

I don't eat things picked up off trees for just anyone! I am very glad we went too - Remo is one excellent tour guide! I can't believe you have never been there before - we should pencil it in for another visit. Maybe January, although Late is making noises about maybe November for a long weekend.

I also ended up in the Catalina Mountains, Kitt Peak, the Desert Museum (maybe you should come down for that?), Mt Lemon, and probably some more places I can't remember. Park Place Mall, of course. A little mountain sickness never hurt anyone. Hiking is worth it.

Remo is right - I just might end up moving there, even after driving from Tucson to Phoenix on Saturday in 113 humid degrees and eating dinner outside at Four Peaks. Sauna, anyone? Loved it!

That was a nice rattle snake, wasn't it? Just far enough away, yet close enough to watch.


pixiedustnme said...

oh I'm SURE his is dead by now!  and I cannot believe you would trust him and EAT something...are ya crazy? LOL

jckfrstross said...

so glad you all got to go:) the desert is pretty but way to hot for me :) have a good week